PragerForce Students: Dealing With the Woke Mob

PragerFORCE students

By the Right-Wing Teen

Cancel culture and “wokeness” dominate our society. If you disagree with the mob, you can lose your career, opportunities, friends, and family—and the left never forgives. Conservative radio host Dennis Prager recently sat down with some PragerFORCE students to answer questions on how to be bold in a world that forces groupthink. (PragerFORCE is the student organization of Prager University, now up to 13,000 groups representing over 100 countries.)

The four students visiting Prager’s studio at his home in Los Angeles were: 23-year-old Kangmin from Minneapolis, 17-year-old Samantha from San Diego, 16-year-old Jessica from El Paso, and 23-year-old Donovan from Buffalo. Kangmin is Korean, he was born in Korea, but he’s been called a white supremacist just for being conservative! Samantha grew up in a Mormon family of four. Jessica is a homeschooled high school student (more about that later). Donovan just moved to Washington, DC, where he got an internship with the Media Research Center.

Dennis Prager’s Fireside Chats are recorded live in his home study. I love his library, it looks so cozy with the dark wood and thousands of books! Prager speaks very didactically, making his points slowly and methodically, so his hour-long chats are the opposite of the fast-paced 5-minute PragerU videos. But every Fireside Chat episode is chock-full of quotable nuggets of wisdom, like his cure for laziness: “Challenge yourself to take on obligations, and amazingly you will find you’re getting productive.”

Prager began this segment by telling about a professor of philosophy who teaches in Poland; he is the Polish representative to the European Union and wrote a book on freedom. This professor made a point that leftist religions – humanism, feminism, environmentalism, Marxism, socialism – are secular substitutes for the Judeo-Christian religion. The ultimate consequence of secularism is the death of the West, which was founded on Judeo-Christian values.

Prager went on to explain that nobody has no religion; everyone is guided by some sort of faith – faith in humanity, faith in science – and like traditional religion, leftism has a whole list of sins – sexism, intolerance, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, racism, bigotry, cultural appropriation, etc. These leftists think they’re free because they left Christianity, but they’re far more encumbered with sin than Christians are. At least Christians forgive, but the left never forgives!

Prager talked to the students one by one, and when he got to Jessica he said, “Oh, you’re homeschooled! Boy are you lucky.” She laughed and said, “I am… I love being homeschooled.” Mr. Prager asked, “So, how much are your parents involved in your homeschooling?” She answered, “I do all of my school by myself right now.” Prager remarked, “Well, that may play into people’s fears that if their kid is homeschooled they won’t have any social life.” Jessica said, “That is where people are very wrong. I’m very very busy and seeing my friends all over the place. I’m in sports, I have Bible study, a lot of friends at church, so I think that’s one of the really big misconceptions.”

Prager asked Jessica if she had met any members of PragerFORCE, and she replied that she had met some on social media. Prager went on to say that’s great, and meeting kindred spirits all over the country or the world is a big bonus of PragerFORCE. “Oh yeah, absolutely,” said Jessica. “I got added to this group chat on Instagram I think not more than a week ago, but I was super excited and everybody was so nice. The fact that I was able to virtually feel so welcome even though I wasn’t talking to them in person just kind of surprised me. It was really cool.”

PragerFORCE is the world’s largest digital movement of students and young professionals working to protect Pro-American, Pro-Capitalism, and Pro-Family values. If you know somebody in high school or college age or a young professional under age 35, and they want to help their country and meet wonderful people, go online to PragerFORCE members have access to special PragerU programs, events, and resources to help them fight for America while connecting with a supportive community of young conservatives where they can meet others who share their values. In regular life it’s not that easy to find people with like-minded interests, but “everyone of every age needs kindred spirits.” –Dennis Prager

Join PragerFORCE

Anyway, let’s get back to the subject of the show, which was about dealing with cancel culture. Most of the major cultural institutions are canceling conservatives these days. Our social media posts getting blocked and fact checked. Prager noted how the country is completely divided right now. He said that liberals and conservatives have some things in common, but leftists and conservatives have nothing in common. “They live in a fantasy world… a realm of the absurd that was unenvisionable ten years ago.”

He continued, “So forget the unity issue; my only question is what can we do to help Americans reclaim liberty, reclaim the great America that existed despite its flaws – and that’s why we have PragerU. If it had to be that we would only be on a conservative platform we would do it, but we don’t want that. We want to change minds, but they are afraid of a 5-minute PragerU video – and they should be, just as they fear when I go to a campus… We puncture their bubble.”

“Unity is based on shared values. It doesn’t mean we agree on everything, but we have shared values. America is composed of Liberty, In God We Trust, E pluribus Unum. They reject all three. So what is there going to be unity on? They think America is a cesspool… I agree with Lincoln that it is the last best hope of mankind. Where are we going to have unity on that?… But America is worth fighting for.”

“You have to decide if you want to be courageous or not. That’s what it ultimately comes down to. Most people do not want to be courageous, because it hurts. If it didn’t hurt, it wouldn’t take courage, right? So what you do is, you learn a few things. First, not to take it personally. Let me tell you a motto I developed from my own life, because I’m attacked a great deal. I’m also loved a great deal, and I know that. I don’t let insults go to my heart, and I don’t let compliments go to my head. That’s a very healthy way of looking at it. So I have a real equilibrium in my life. There are whole websites that mock me… it has no effect on me. It is what it is. You can’t stand for what is good and not get hit; it hasn’t happened in human history. That’s the whole Christ story. Why was he crucified? People couldn’t stand his message. I wish everybody who’s Jewish took Judaism seriously and Christians took Christianity seriously. There should be no question that you fight if you take your faith seriously; otherwise, one has to ask what is the point of the faith?”

Click here to watch Fireside Chat Ep. 175 — Dealing With the Woke Mob


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