Political Ideology Today, by Ian Adams

political ideology todayA Book Review, by Nick Maker

This will be a short book review of Political Ideology Today by Ian Adams, for those who want to know more about political subjects.

I’ve been looking to brush up my political science knowledge just to be more “self-aware” regarding the news lately, especially with the presidential election and so forth. I hear about politics all the time, but mostly from other people’s point of view it’s a negative argument toward politics (not really a surprising thing); and when I get to hear some conversation I can’t really say my two cents because although I have some basic knowledge of, for example, Socialism, I can’t go further into my thoughts about it.

That is why I like really this book. It’s like the encyclopedia of ideology. It tells you about almost every ideology, the origin, and the use of it. It’s very useful when you want to know a particular topic; you just look over the contents and there it is – for example, the history of Democracy, the people who thought up the concept of it, the use of it, pros and cons – it just covers exactly what you need, to get the idea of it.

I’m not planning to study politics or anything, but in a conversation or in today’s society of world events sometimes I’ve got to have some background knowledge into this stuff to understand the issues on the news.

For more books on ideology I recommend two books:

The Political Uses of Ideology, by H.M.Drucker

Motherland: A Philosophical History of Russia, by Lesley Chamberlain


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