Pixpa’s List of Top Art Scholarships for Students

Are you a creative individual looking for unique scholarship opportunities that match your talents? Scholarships for art students cover many different disciplines including literary arts, fine arts, performing arts, visual arts, general art, and more. Art scholarships offer a way of awarding emerging artists and other creatives with financial aid to help fund their art education and pursue the artistic careers of their dreams.

Whether you are majoring in art, or it’s more of an extracurricular passion that you do outside of the classroom, there are art scholarships that you can apply for – but to qualify, you may need to be enrolled in an artistic program of study. As with academic and athletic scholarships, art scholarships generally require that you demonstrate a high level of talent in your chosen field.

The team members at Pixpa.com have recently written an in-depth article on Top Art Scholarships for 2020. It’s an up-to-date listing of more than 30+ artistic scholarships for students, divided into three major categories:

  • Literary Arts – Creative Writing, Journalism, Poetry
  • Performing Arts – Dance, Music, Theatre, Film
  • Visual Arts – Photography, Design, Drawing and Painting, Architecture

Be sure to browse through all categories, because several of the scholarships are available in multiple artistic fields. Others are dedicated to a particular form of art, and some are limited to specific demographics such as residents of certain states, female art majors, Asian American art students, or members of the Presbyterian Church – so if you fit any of those categories you will have an advantage.

Here is the link to the article: https://www.pixpa.com/blog/art-scholarships

P.S. For many art scholarships, students must submit a portfolio – a collection of their best work, along with a personal statement and other info. Pixpa’s fully customizable, drag-and-drop website builder has all the features and tools you need to easily create your own online portfolio. Choose a beautifully designed website theme to showcase your artwork – no ads, no coding required. Students get 50% OFF all Pixpa plans!

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