Physical Education Ideas for Your Homeschooled Teen

physical education ideas

By Lewis

You probably have memories from your physical education class if you went through school. Whether they be fond memories or a time you do not want to remember, P.E. was a part of every student’s curriculum. Now, you may have chosen to homeschool your child instead of putting them in school, and in those cases, P.E. classes will look incredibly different. It is easier to make up a gym class when they are young, but it may be more difficult once they become teens. There are various ways to incorporate a gym curriculum into your homeschooled teen’s education. Here are some creative physical education ideas.

Games in the Playground or Backyard

Taking your teen to a playground or setting up your backyard for specific activities can be a great way to incorporate a P.E. class into their homeschooling program. You can choose activities like those in a traditional gym class such as kickball, volleyball, or basketball; or you can choose something unique that your teen enjoys, like badminton, jump rope, frisbee, or tag.

Workout at Home

Another way to mix some physical education is to set up a workout at home. For example, they could do various cardio workouts or a beginner weight lifting routine that must be done twice a week to fulfill the P.E. curriculum.

Gym Membership

If you do not mind spending some money, looking into joining a gym can be a great way to fulfill the P.E. course for a homeschooled teen. Gyms often have various activities like pilates or yoga that your teen could join to fulfill the course.

Outdoor Activities

One of the easiest ways to fulfill your teen’s P.E. course is by going for a walk outdoors. All it could take is fifteen minutes every day to complete the class. It is beneficial for your teen to get out of the house, and a walk outdoors could be used as a break from other school subjects, such as math or English. Similar to an outdoor walk, your teen could also use this break to go for a bike ride. It also gets them outside and is a great way to help them focus.

Another way to get outside and complete your teen’s physical education while also going on a field trip is to go on a hike. There are national parks all around, and even if it is a bit of a drive to get there, it can become an educational and fun experience for your teen and fulfill areas in the homeschool curriculum.

Join a Sports Team

One of the best ways to complete the P.E. course and also allow your teen a way to socialize with other teens is by having them join a sports team. Not only do they collect P.E. hours, but they also learn valuable lessons like teamwork, and they can gain a few friends along the way.

There are also individual sports your teen could join, such as golf, track, tennis, swimming, and skiing. These sports will still allow your teen to socialize and give them an individualized sense of confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Do a Workout Video

If the weather does not permit you to take your teen outdoors to clock in P.E. hours and getting a gym membership is not in your budget, another option is to do workout videos. There are a variety of free workout videos on YouTube that you and your teen could do together.

If you have a gaming system, you can also purchase fitness-related games. This may be the best option if you have a more techie teen. As long as they are being active while playing a video game, then it can count towards their P.E. course.

There are many creative ways to clock in P.E. hours for your teen. However, just because they are homeschooled does not mean they can slack off regarding their physical education.

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