Parks and Recreation Scholarships

Happy Park and Recreation Month!

Do you enjoy these long summer days when you can spend your time relaxing in a park, going on picnics and campouts, or hanging around by a pool? Wish you could make leisure activities your job? Turn your passion for recreation and the outdoors into a fulfilling career working for a park and recreation department – and make it more affordable with a Park and Recreation Scholarship!

According to the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), more than 160,000 full-time park and recreation professionals — along with hundreds of thousands of part-time and seasonal workers and volunteers — help to maintain our local, state and community parks.

July is National Park and Recreation Month in celebration of the power of parks and recreation to promote building strong, vibrant and resilient communities. Every day, in communities across the country, the people of parks and recreation are making their communities better places to live, work and play.

What is the Park and Recreation industry?

The field of parks and recreation consists of various resources and services provided for the purposes of leisure, entertainment, and recreational pursuits. These include outdoor public spaces and facilities like parks, nature preserves, open space areas, greenways and trails, as well as structures for indoor sport, recreation, or arts programs.

Interested in pursuing a Park and Recreation degree?

If you’re interested in helping the public enjoy relaxing activities and lead healthy lifestyles, consider majoring in Parks, Recreation, and Leisure Studies. In this field of study you will take classes in administration, sociology, business, physical education, therapeutic recreation, sports science, tourism and travel. You will learn how to develop recreation programs for all ages, customize special activities for disabled children and adults, handle budgets, and oversee the operations of parks or recreation centers. Most parks, recreation and leisure studies programs lead to a bachelor’s or master’s degree, but associates and doctoral degrees are also available.

Park and Recreation Scholarships

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