Our Winning T-shirt Design!

The winning entry in our t-shirt design contest was made by Isa, a homeschooled teen artist. Isa’s picture of a young fox reading a book is cute and adorable, simple but colorful. We like the way she placed “HomeschoolingTeen.com” inside a thought bubble. It’s interesting how her image appears to be an updated version of the studious fox from the margin of an illuminated Book of Hours (see below). Plus we like the idea of having a fox mascot!

Fox wearing a monk’s cowl from the Book of Hours, Utrecht, c. 1460

Foxes can be found throughout literature from ancient fables to modern children’s stories. Although often stereotyped in folklore as sly and cunning tricksters, in real life foxes are smart, creative, and clever creatures. They are quick learners, too. These are all admirable characteristics similar to those of homeschool students. Also, foxes typically do not travel in packs but tend to be solitary animals that live in small family groups. Foxes are adaptable to a wide range of environments from prairies to cities, and they resourcefully store up food for future use. The fox encourages us to think outside of the box and keep our wits about us, using wisdom and strategy to reach our goals.

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