New vs. Old

By Nick Maker

Should we live with old technology or new technology?

Of course for the city folks and probably country folks defiantly would say, “Yes, we need new technology to make better and easier our life.” While that may be true, there are some people that still prefer old tech, mainly the Amish or some cult.

They say that having old tech is good because it purifies the mind and won’t make us think of evil stuff like internet, movies, news, video games, heck even some books that aren’t from their region is considered “evil.”

I will agree that living on an old tech world is good for some benefits, like not knowing the evil things on the internet and can help us build up strong muscle and mind in terms of labor jobs or calculated stuff. However, I won’t agree that they take this belief seriously because technology will progress anyway and is a good thing!

Walt Disney even said, “Around here, however, we don’t look backward for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious… and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”

Technology isn’t bad if we use it incorrectly. If we don’t keep moving forward, then our knowledge just stops. You might say time stops because progress stops and there is no other way to advance the human knowledge. Now is new technology the best way of the future, and did I prove my point that new tech is the most superior that ever existed? No! At least not from a long shot, new things can be good, heck I’m studying computer science as my major so that’s saying I’m a hypocrite!

New advances are good in terms of medicine, astronomy and computer science. Sadly, some people think that the past is nothing more than a past, which is not true! I love my grandparents a lot because they are so sweet and tell stories that when I was little thinking that they were aliens dressing as humans. The past can teach us the future! How else do we travel around with our iPad? Can’t be Martians or a paradox, because people like Steve Jobs got the idea from people who were trying to build a calculator. It can teach us new things, but it can also teach us to destroy.

Ever watch the movie, “The Secret of NIMH”? I watched it but didn’t get some of the parts until I read the Wiki. It tells of a story of a mother mouse trying to save his child from dying of a virus. While the rest of the colony is trying to find a new home, but at the same time discovering their new found knowledge because of an enhanced experiment, which later they have to call their new gifts as a blessing or a curse.

Another example of one of my most favorite games is “Mother 3, where the setting and message shows exactly how civilization becomes the growth of industrialization and the greed that comes with it. This focuses perfectly on our lives seeing that humans advance technology in so many ways during the last two millennium that we gone through space! At the time, we used these gifts to bless our lives but at the same time we misused it. In terms of destroying our planet’s resources, corruption, money grubbing and much more, we have the responsibility to use our gifts to teach us and others or don’t do anything.

Ever heard the term “doomed to repeat history”? That’s why after WWII the United Nations never wanted that to happen again. So it is good to know our history while at the same time explore it. Also, the more knowledge we have of that “power,” the more responsibility we have to that “power.” I like to be eclectic and I love to learn new things while at the same time reminding me of the origin story of where did it all began.

Links of the movie:

Link of the game:

Note on the game: The game isn’t in the US so they have a fan translation. Also buy Earthbound for the Wii U which in Japan is Mother 2.

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