New Study Shows Shocking Lack of Biblical Worldview Among American Pastors

Biblical Worldview Among American Pastors

Wow! This explains a lot.

A new nationwide survey of America’s Christian pastors shows that a majority of pastors lack a biblical worldview. In fact, just slightly more than a third (37%) possess a biblical worldview. The majority—62%—hold a hybrid worldview known as Syncretism, the blending of ideas from a variety of holistic worldviews into a unique but inconsistent combination that represents their personal preferences.

These shocking findings are part of the American Worldview Inventory 2022, conducted by the Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University (ACU). The survey was administered to Christian pastors in order to better understand the worldviews that drive their thinking and behavior. The AWVI 022 Release #05: “Shocking Results Concerning the Worldview of Christian Pastors,” is available here.

As veteran researcher and CRC Director of Research George Barna says, “It’s just further evidence that the culture is influencing the American church much more than Christian churches are influencing the culture.”

One of the more concerning revelations is the worldview of pastors who work with young people. The study found that only 12% of Children’s and Youth Pastors hold a biblical worldview! And among Teaching Pastors, the level of biblical worldview is a mere 13%!

“A person’s worldview primarily develops before the age of 13, then goes through a period of refinement during their teens and twenties. Therefore, from a worldview development perspective, a church’s most important ministers are the Children’s Pastor and the Youth Pastor,” said Barna.

“Discovering that seven out of every eight of those pastors lack a biblical worldview helps to explain why so few among the nation’s youngest generations are developing a heart and mind for biblical principles and ways of life, and why our society seems to have run wild over the last decade,” Barna further explained.

According to ACU President Len Munsil, the survey findings highlight that the biblical worldview crisis in America begins at the top.

It’s appalling to think how many “Christian” churches don’t teach what the Bible really says and just go along with the flow of society. Young people are leaving church in record numbers and this is why. We’ve abandoned the truth of God’s Word for the lies of mere men. God is Truth and should never be compromised.

About the CRC

The Cultural Research Center at Arizona Christian University was formed in partnership with Dr. George Barna, a widely published researcher studying the intersection of faith and culture, to produce credible research and analysis regarding the transformational impact of biblical worldview on American culture. Click here for the latest CRC research.

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