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When working with visuals, you often need to make text, a shape, a border, or another graphic match a particular color. That’s when a color picker comes in handy.

Looking for the perfect HTML color? Or would you like to create a color palette inspired by one of your favorite paintings or photographs? If you’re producing graphics for a website, blog, ebook or presentation, you’ll want to use colors that go together to form an attractive, balanced design. For example, there are three main colors that you need to consider when designing a website:

  • Choose one base color as the dominant color for your brand.
  • Choose one or two accent colors to be used in small amounts, such as to make an information box stand out, or as a call to action button or link.
  • Choose a neutral background color to complete your design.

If you are working for a company or organization, you’ll probably need to follow brand guidelines that include a particular set of colors. You can always memorize the color values for all of your brand’s colors and enter them every time you need to pick a color, but that can be a bit difficult. Instead, you’re better off using a color picker.

A color picker is a feature of virtually all image and text editing software. Or you can use an online color picker to get colors in HEX, RGB and HSL format. With the image color picker tool at, you can create color combinations in seconds, no special skills required. Just open an image file using the “Browse” button, or upload an image from the URL.

The program will identify the image’s color values along with the corresponding color codes. It will even specify which one is the dominant color. After identifying the desired colors, you can apply them to shapes, text, or other elements. This allows you to identify and match any color in any image at any time, to perfectly meet brand guidelines or maintain a consistent theme. By following these steps, you can create a harmonious color scheme even if you don’t have a good sense of design and color coordination!

It’s great to be able to quickly and simply extract the colors from existing images so you don’t have to hunt down the hex values or do any guesswork in color matching. Is there an image on a website that has colors you really like? Use the color picker to find out what colors they are. If one of your main competitors has a strong brand color, like in their logo, don’t copy it if you can help it. Use the color picker to find your competitors’ colors so you can avoid them in your own color scheme.

The online color picker tool at is completely free to use with no signup required, no demo version, and no other limitations. You can pick colors from any number of images without any restrictions. This makes it fun and easy to experiment and try out different color combinations until you find the one you like best.

Happy coloring!

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