New App Helps Students Choose a Career Path

me3Arizona State University has developed a way for high school students to prepare for college — by playing a simple game. A new online tool called me3 is part personality quiz, part career adviser for teens.

Millions of dollars were invested by a Scottsdale, Arizona philanthropist to develop the free app, with the aim of helping high school students figure out what they may want to do for a living.

“We think it’s really important to help students explore that,” said Jeff Bruce, one of the analysts of the game. “What are you real interests? What are you desiring to do?”

The visually-based quiz doesn’t require reading, answering questions, or even thinking! What it does is show a series of stock images of various workplace settings in sets of two – such as a movie set and a microbiology lab, stock charts and an operating room, etc. You simply choose the image in each set that most appeals to you. Even if you like both of them, you can only choose one. If neither of them interests you, you still have to choose one to proceed. Many of the images will be repeated in different combinations. There are 60 pairs of images to go through.

Based on the images that you choose, the program matches your personality and interests with potential career and degree options. After a few minutes, it will offer three suggested careers with more information about the job type and average salary. Once you pick a career, the program identifies the best courses and college majors for achieving that career goal.

Already know what you would like to do? The tool allows you to bypass the quiz and go directly to specific degrees and careers. Don’t like the three career suggestions it gives you? You can refresh the page to see another set of careers that may be more to your liking.

The program’s developers said the tool will be especially beneficial for at-risk students who may not have access to college guidance counselors or the information they need to get on the right track for their career goals.

The app has two introductory videos on “What is College?” Additional resources include a glossary of terms and a guide to earning college credit in high school.

The app also has a special section for Parents that addresses questions such as: Why should my student go to college? Is my student on track to be ready for college? Where do I find resources to help pay for college?

Put in your high school grade level (freshman, sophomore, junior or senior), and based on your planned college major, the app will give you a schedule of recommended courses to take in high school.

The college and degree information is specifically geared to students planning to attend ASU, but can also serve as a general guideline for others. The glossary and career information will be useful for anyone.

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