Negotiation Skills, Tips & Tactics {Infographic}

Have you ever haggled over an item at a flea market, or convinced your parents to let you go to a party by promising to be home by a certain time? These simple, everyday negotiations serve as great practice for more complicated negotiation scenarios like buying a car or landing your dream job.

The ability to negotiate – also known as “The Art of the Deal” – is an essential skill for everyone, not just professional salespeople. We make deals all the time ̶ at the market, in school, at work, in group projects, with our neighbors, and even with family members.

In any case, the best negotiation strategy is always to lead a constructive dialogue, try to meet everyone’s needs – and if you give your word on a deal, KEEP YOUR WORD.

In the process of negotiations, we try to protect our own interests while searching for mutually acceptable agreements. But what are some common obstacles?

Negotiation Challenges

  • Not understanding the opponent’s situation
  • Criticizing or humiliating the opponent
  • Excessive rigidness
  • Lack of confidence
  • Changing arguments often
  • Losing patience

Now let’s take a closer look at the 3 primary steps to follow in a negotiation process.

  1. Prepare: Plan Your Strategy
  • Assess the situation and your opponents
  • Define the kind of negotiation
  • Examine the type of negotiation
  • Evaluate the meaning of the negotiation
  • Find the Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)
  1. Negotiate: Use Key Tactics for Success
  • Get to know your opponent
  • Use the information you have gathered
  • Avoid the mythical fixed pie assumption
  • Use anchoring
  • Avoid overconfidence
  • Frame your argument
  • Make your information available
  • Avoid escalation
  • Encourage reciprocation
  • Incorporate the contrast principle
  • Use a big picture perspective
  1. Close: Create a Contract
  • Final Agreement – don’t add any terms to the initial deal
  • Consideration – both sides have to give up something for it to be binding
  • Legality – depends on the terms of the interests involved
  • Written Contract – it’s always best to have all agreements in writing

Apart from the basic negotiation rules, there are 7 secret tactics and success strategies that never fail and can be used in different negotiation situations.

7 Tips for Better Negotiations

  1. Be able to walk away.
  2. Show how the other side’s needs will be met.
  3. Don’t talk too much.
  4. Pose open-ended questions and listen.
  5. Concentrate on the other side’s pressure rather than yours.
  6. Never take anything personally.
  7. Let both sides win.

Want more details on all of the above? See the infographic below!

negotiation skills
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