Navigate: Learn How to Make Better Decisions – and Get Credit for it!

The world is a confusing place. Young adults need to know how to wisely navigate the cultural wilderness while facing big decisions about college, career, and life purpose. In fact, you’ll face significant decisions that have major consequences throughout the rest of your life.

The Unbound* team has designed Navigate – an 8-week online self-paced course – to help Christian homeschoolers, high school students, and recent graduates launch into life by empowering them to make decisions with confidence.

Navigate is designed to equip young adults with a framework for better decision-making that honors God. The course will teach you how to make wise, discerning choices, regardless of the kind of vocation you are pursuing or what decision you happen to be facing right now.

Navigate helps students answer questions like…

  • How do I handle big decisions?
  • Is college for me?
  • How do I find work that I love?
  • How do I handle too many interests – or not enough?
  • How do I get un-stuck?

Navigate is for any young adult seeking an effective strategy for making decisions in life, whether you are pursuing college or not. Navigate will help you launch into whatever is next – armed with the ability to make decisions, ask the right questions, and learn from both failure and success.

High school students can take Navigate as a high school elective for a half-credit. Assignments can be self-graded, or graded by a parent or teacher. Students can also take Navigate as an ungraded course.

The great thing about this course is that it has been designed to be conducive to a busy student or graduate’s schedule and includes no more than 5 hours per week of homework. Your assignments will consist of reflection and application, in which you’re expected to do something with what you learn – not just write papers about it.

Navigate also includes two live Q&As where you can interact with your instructor and fellow classmates.

Fall Class Dates: September 20November 12
(You’ll have access to the course for an additional four weeks – through December 12.)

You can get the lectures from the first module for FREE!

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*Unbound is dedicated to the development of exceptional young Christian leaders by providing the tools, community, and experiences that enable an extraordinary life of purpose.

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