My Christmas Theory

My Christmas Theory(Image Credit)
By R.E. Olsen

Why did God decide to make things and creatures including humans?

Why did God grow inside a young human?

Why was He born a baby human?

Why did He grow into an adult human?

Why did he die in the most painful way as a human?

Why did he rise from death as a human?

Why did he go to heaven as a human?

Why will He come back as a human?

These are important ideas. They are the hope of human beings.

Not the questions or the answers, but the facts of each.

Nevertheless the questions persist.

We ask why.

This is where I ask my Christian brothers and sisters to preface statements about the whys by making it clear that they are theories. If anywhere they contradict the Holy Scripture, show me and I will drop it as a hot coal. If you find them useful, then please check them against the Scriptures. This is the formula to keep in mind:

If my idea does not equal scripture then my idea is wrong.

Here is my theory…

Much more than a thousand trillion centuries ago the living God said “let Us make man in our image.”

I have not a clue why He said that. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are a perfect harmonious and loving family with no need of anything. Why they would want a bunch of hooligans that they would have to clean up and teach some manners is quite beyond my capacity.

Also it was clear what was going to happen, man was to have freedom and he would rebel against his Creator. Not a single one of us would choose to do the right thing. There was immediate agreement that God the Son would take upon himself the results of the rebellion. The inevitable inexorable end is death. Yet God the Son cannot die.

God the Son agreed to take on a second nature, one that would be fully human, not mixed with the divine nature and not confused with the divine nature and not separate from the divine nature and not divided from the divine nature.

Time passes…

The plan is executed; the universe begins to exist.

The first man and woman sin, the first child murders the second child, it goes downhill from there.

God focuses on one blood line of humanity. To this line he gave more than the evidence of His creation and their conscience; He gave them the Written Law. He showed them right behavior, slowly taught through generations how to be more righteous, and at the same time hammered the idea of a substitute for punishment, first of the blood sacrifice to wash away sins, then the inadequacy of the blood and death of animals to do this job. The human blood line is very briefly: Seth to Noah, Noah to Abraham, Abraham to Judah Judah to David, David to Mary.

The Holy Spirit said at just the right moment “let Mary be pregnant,” and she was.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

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