Motivating Your Homeschooled Teen to Get Their Schoolwork Done

motivating your homeschooled teen
By Lewis

It can be tricky to keep your teen feeling motivated to get their homework done. Most teenagers want to spend time with their friends, go online, play games, or do all three. While dealing with this, it might feel as though you are fighting a losing battle. Here are some suggestions that can hopefully help with motivating your homeschooled teen to get their schoolwork done in a timely manner while teaching them the basics of time management.

Use a Tracker System to Help Them Stay on Top of It

Consider using a tracking system to help your teenager figure out what they have to do on a daily basis so they can stay on top of it. This could look like a school planner with a list of all the tasks they have to take care of for that day, or it could be a simple list of homework or assignments that they need to complete every night. Play around and find out what works best for motivating your homeschooled teen. It might take trying different ideas to see what sticks and makes sense for them. The important thing is that they know what they have to do and can easily see it.

Reward Them When They Meet Their Goals

When your teenager meets their study or homework goals, make sure you are rewarding them. It may sound simplistic, but individuals of all ages, including adults, can respond to this type of positive reinforcement, and it can motivate them to accomplish what they set out to do. Maybe working toward a prize, such as a rugged tablet or a shopping trip might be just what your teenager needs. Or even using a type of reward chart, if they are up for that, might give them a visual that they find helpful.

Create a Schedule of Work Now, Play Later

Many teenagers find it discouraging when they have to stop their fun to finish homework. Instead of dealing with the headache that comes from interrupting their fun, help them create a schedule where they finish all of their homework first and then have free time to spend as they would like. This can help teach them better study habits that are more likely to stick with your teenager into college and beyond. Once they know they have time to themselves, your teenager is more likely to get their homework out of the way.

Help Them Feel a Sense of Earning It

A sense of earning time to relax and have fun can be tricky to cultivate in teenagers (and if we are being honest here, adults, too). Help your teenager set goals, such as 30 minutes of study time and 20 minutes of relaxation. Some people use the Pomodoro method which involves setting a timer for work and allocating a set amount of time for relaxation. Or, you could have your teenager envision “eat that frog,” where you want them to get their most difficult tasks out of the way first thing chance they get. All of these methods can help your teen feel like they earned what they put the time in for.


There are several different methods for motivating your homeschooled teen to get their schoolwork done. This might be challenging, but it is possible to teach them techniques that can make it easier for them to focus on their homework. Utilize a tracker system so they can see the work they need to do to stay on top of it. Reward your teen when they perform well, so they are more likely to continue this behavior. Creating a schedule of work now, play later is another way you can teach them good study habits. Finally, help them feel like they earned their time, so they will be more inclined to repeat it again in the future.

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