Mental Health for Nursing Students

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“Self-care is not selfish – it’s necessary for your well-being and success as a nursing student.” –

Nursing programs have rigorous standards and require learning a vast amount of information quickly. Abby McCoy (RN/BSN), explains that “nursing students learn pretty much every detail about the human body. You learn how it functions, what every tiny piece is called, and how we can treat maladies through care, procedures, and medication.”

During your time in nursing school, whether it’s one year or four, you will learn something new every day – and you will have to remember it for the exam. This information overload can lead to stress, especially when combined with hands-on clinical experience that can be emotionally and physically taxing.

Mental health and wellness (emotional, psychological, and social well-being) for nursing students is vital in supporting their academic journey and confronting challenges in clinical settings. Removing barriers to mental healthcare access creates an environment where students can fully focus on their growth and contributions to education and beyond. has published a helpful guide on college and nursing students’ mental health, with tips and advice on how nursing students can best manage their mental health and wellness.

This medically-reviewed resource covers:

  • The impact of mental health on academic support
  • Common mental health challenges for students, such as rigorous academic schedules and balancing personal life and school
  • Signs that poor mental health is manifesting in a student’s life
  • Self-care strategies
  • Mental health support and resources for students

Check out the comprehensive guide below for more details:

Remember that stress is normal in nursing school, and developing effective coping strategies is essential for success. Juggling personal responsibilities and family commitments alongside nursing school and patient care can be challenging. Finding the right balance is crucial. Seek support, practice self-care, and know that you’re not alone in navigating this demanding journey.

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