Mathematical Minds: 4 Best Degrees for Math Geniuses

Mathematical Minds, 4 Best Degrees for Math GeniusesBy Ani O.

One of the hardest decisions is choosing your college major. It represents the field that you will likely continue to work and study in for the rest of your professional life.

This choice becomes especially hard when you’re mathematically inclined. The only options that may seem to be available to you include lucrative jobs as a college professor or as a tutor, but the truth is that there are a plethora of exciting math-based professions available to you.

Let’s explore four of the best degrees for math geniuses.

1. Engineering

Engineering represents the pinnacle of mathematics put into practice in the real world. You will use numbers to determine the stability of buildings, estimate the amount of materials you will need for a given plan, and create statistical models for simulations of your designs.

If you’re mathematically inclined, and you enjoy seeing your efforts made manifest in physical form, then a degree in engineering may be perfect for you.

The best part is that online engineering colleges like the New Jersey Institute of Technology allow you to partake in a master’s degree in civil engineering or electrical engineering using online courses. This can allow you to partake in some of the most exciting coursework without upsetting your current schedule.

2. Physics

Few scientific professions are as prestigious as those involving physics. These careers represent the studies that push the boundaries of the worlds around us and inside of us.

The most amazing part is that a degree in physics can help you do things that are out of this world. NASA and other aerospace programs regularly look for graduates with physics degrees to engineer space missions, develop new theories, and implement new technologies in outer space.

3. Cryptography

Cryptography is the act of converting information into coded phrases. This can include making codes or breaking them.

The reason cryptography requires a firm understanding of mathematics revolves around the way encryption relates to mathematics. Principles like statistics can help abstract coding algorithms or test encoding methods for vulnerabilities.

If you choose a degree in cryptography, be prepared to work in a variety of environments. You may work for financial institutions, the military or a prestigious international business.

4. Actuarial Science

Statistics intertwine with real-world applications when actuarial science is involved. This allows probability to describe things like how big of an insurance risk a client is, the stability of future market decisions and an incredible number of applications.

Although you may not create something like an engineer would, a degree in actuarial science can help you better define and predict how the world works.

Making the Most Out of Your Mathematical Gifts

The above degrees represent the most challenging and exciting for people gifted in mathematics. You will find yourself constantly challenged by the problems that force you to think of new and innovative solutions to solve them.

When you pursue these degrees, you will find that your mathematical gifts are put to the test and rewarded in relation to the difficulties you overcome.

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