Mark Weinhold: Homeschooled Two-Sport Athlete

By Caela Fox

Mark for magazineMark Weinhold is just your normal, average kind of home schooled, two sport athlete. So what really makes Mark stand out whether it is on the field or on the court?

“I just like letting it just happen as it comes,” Mark said about handling things in life and getting ready for college.

Mark plays for the Veritas Christian High School Eagles. In football he plays tight end, linebacker, and back-up quarterback. In basketball he plays power forward and center.

Since Mark was very young he has always had a drive to be an athlete. From the time he started watching his father and uncle play basketball in the backyard, to the time he started to play with them. Mark has always been a very active and mobile kid.

“Basketball comes more natural to me than football. I could play basketball in college and it is something I will never get bored of,” said Mark.

Not only have sports been a big part of Mark’s life but his family plays just as big of a role as well. Both of Mark’s little brothers Kyle and Scott play basketball and football alongside Mark.

“It’s one of the best things ever to have my brothers as fellow teammates,” said Mark.

Not only does Mark get to enjoy two sports that he loves but he gets to share that love with his brothers.

But what makes Mark tick and how does he deal with game day pressure and which sport does Mark enjoy more?

“Mark just likes sports in general,” said Mark’s dad Caleb Weinhold. “He likes football but loves basketball.”

On game day Mark doesn’t eat a lot, which is very unusual for an 18-year-old athlete.

“He likes to listen to Christian rock and rap music,” said Caleb.

Mark added, “I like to listen to any music that’s really loud.”

With Mark’s senior year coming to an end in May, what does he plan on doing after high school?

Mark is currently taking a couple classes at a local community college along with his home school work.

Mark is planning on doing a year at a community college with the plan on moving up to a university. Mark wants to go to school to become a physical therapist.

“I want to do that to help athletes get back into the game from injuries and to help them get their mobility back,” said Mark.

“I feel like that is where God is pushing me towards,” said Mark.

Even with his senior year coming to an end, Mark has had some really great experiences.

In fact, the Eagles home football field is in the middle of a corn field. “Teams like to come here and play because they feel like they are playing at the Field of Dreams,” said Mark’s mom Erica Weinhold.

For the Weinhold family, God, Family, and Sports are a big part of life and they all really love that they get to experience all these things as a family.


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