Manny’s Plastic Rock Experiment

Plastic rock is rock that behaves like something between a liquid and a solid, because it has some properties of a solid and other properties of a liquid. Plastic rock has these very interesting properties due to water in between the molecules. The amount of water in between the molecules of the rock makes it somewhat like a thick liquid. But when any pressure on the rock squeezes out the water molecules, the rock becomes a solid.

The plastic rock layer that underlies the earth’s crust is called the asthenosphere. The asthenosphere is what allows the tectonic plates to move around. Most theories that describe this plastic rock have it constantly moving very slowly on top of the earth’s mantle. (Source: Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Dr. Jay L. Wile.)

The simple science experiment shown in the video below demonstrates the “plastic” movement of the earth’s tectonic plates.

Manny aka “Manny Mechanix” is 13 years old and in his 8th grade year of homeschool. Subscribe to the Manny Mechanix Channel on YouTube.


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