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Hey friends! If you’d like to help invest in the lives of kids in India by supplying books for their school library, please consider contributing to the Books for Zamar Fundraising Campaign!

Books for ZamarMy name is Madelyne Brown and I recently had the privilege of spending two months at Zamar Academy in Chennai, India, witnessing the amazing work God is doing in the lives of the students through this school. For over 12 years they have purposed to enrich the lives of the children in the area, saving many from the ravages of poverty through nutrition education, and spiritual training. The spiritual strength and loving environment that I found there is exceptional; they took me into their family, and I have returned to the USA leaving behind many friends.

Each and every person I came to know at Zamar Academy permanently touched my heart. Their lives and stories continue to provoke in me a stronger dedication to living for Christ. When you are in a place where you do not speak the language, a great majority of the drama, both good and bad, flies over your head. But the presence of God in a place, His love in residence, and those working for Him is a substance that overwhelms language barriers. This love is what characterizes Zamar Academy for me, and for it I will always love Zamar.

It is difficult to describe my experience at Zamar Academy, because of how special it was and still is to me. Some memories are so dear to the heart that they are almost painful to try and put into words. I am possessed of so many beautiful memories: riding the bus, holding hands with the LKG students, learning how to eat rice properly, playing throw-ball (a sport I didn’t know existed before), listening to the entire student body recite scripture in assembly, hearing the Word preached by the Samsons, the memories of hilarious and wonderful conversations, and far more.

What impacted me the most about Zamar was quite obviously the people, and the kindness, tenderness, and thoughtfulness they shared that humbles me even now. It was the kindness of Mr. Durai Samson and Mrs. Regina Samson allowing me to come and be a part of Zamar, even though I had nothing to offer; the kindness of the teachers, who always made me feel welcomed, and had the patience to explain again and again to me what I didn’t understand; the kindness of all the staff, who took care of me daily, and when I misstepped or felt lost; the kindness of the students who took time to talk with me and make me feel included, though they didn’t have to, and though I can often be a difficult person to engage. My personality has never been extremely outgoing, but the students were able to draw me out like no one else, simply by their sweet sincerity – I really believe no one could long resist the enthusiasm of the 10th standard!

I was privileged to spend time with the LKG students during my stay, in their first few weeks of school. I am so excited about their future at Zamar, as I know these children will grow there not only in book knowledge, but also be drawn closer to an understanding and acceptance of the Lord. It was awesome coming to know the older students, who have been at Zamar for their entire academic careers thus far, and witnessing the courageous and gifted young adults they have become.

These students are hardworking, ambitious, intelligent, and God has so much in store for them. The Zamar staff is dedicated to providing every child with an education which continually challenges them to make goals, reach for dreams, and opens to them a world that needs their beautiful hearts and minds even more desperately than they need us to gain access to that world. One key avenue for these students is reading. Nothing expands minds like a good book, and without books education falls short.

Today the Zamar Academy library faces a deficit of 2,200 books. The Indian government’s Ministry of Education requires that every Higher Secondary institution that has grade levels up to 12th possess a collection of at least 3,000 volumes. Zamar’s current number is only some 800 volumes, for a student body of over 400. This shortage has been noted by government inspectors, leaving Zamar Academy with a demerit and ongoing queries into the action that is being taken to rectify the deficiency before the next inspection.

My family and I hope to raise the necessary funds ($11,000) for all 2,200 books needed to meet the government’s standard and grow Zamar’s library. Please help us to reach the goal of 3,000 volumes and keep the dream alive of a life of purpose and an excellent education for these precious children!

-Madelyne Brown

Books for Zamar Fundraising Campaign–> Click Here!

100% of your tax-deductible donation will go directly to books for the children at Zamar Academy. Will you help?! And please SHARE this with your friends!

For more information about Zamar Academy, visit:

Books for Zamar Facebook Page

Wellspring International’s Zamar Academy Project

Wellspring International is an outreach of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM).

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