Life Through a Teen’s Eyes

Katie Dodd wrote her final “Country Girl’s Knowledge” column in June. Now Katie’s younger sister is starting her own column. Welcome Alesha!

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My name is Alesha Dodd, I’m 14 years old. I’ve been homeschooled my whole life, and so have my sisters and my brother. My oldest sister is in college for animal science agriculture. I have plans to go to college in four years for culinary and taking care of the elderly or children.

Some of my hobbies are walking, swimming, being on electronics, casually writing and singing songs. I’m not all that quiet; I don’t like to start anything that’s going to make anyone upset, but sometimes I speak up if I hear or see something I don’t like. Other than that I just mind my own business.

I like to travel a lot. I’ve been to Pennsylvania, South and North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Virginia, and everywhere in between. I’m one of those people that like to just pack up and leave – no question, no time – just go.

I’m from a big city – Bradenton, Florida – but I moved to a small town in Clifton, Tennessee, and when I say small I mean small. One drug store, one food store, one meat market, three small gas stations, and seven churches which is kind of weird, but it’s still small.

When my family of six, my aunt and uncle’s family of five, and my nana moved up to Tennessee we didn’t really plan it out; we just moved. We ended up living in campers for a year or two. We did rent a house in town but weren’t able to sleep in it because it was an old house and it was winter. Let’s just say that house wasn’t the warmest! We only took showers, did school, and kept our stuff there. Now my family is renting a trailer seven miles away from our property until we can build our house.

My other aunt and her three children just came up from El Salvador. We have a horse and a mule. We’re planning on getting some more farm animals sometime in a year or five, no telling when. That’s one thing about my family – you can never tell when, how, or what.

My family is full of surprises like for instance moving to Tennessee, big surprise. My parents just sent us to our friends and family’s houses while they went traveling to find a place to move to, then came back and said we’re moving to a small town in Tennessee. If you’re from the city and lived in it for eleven years, just packing up and moving out into the middle of nowhere is a little bit of a shock.

Well, I hope everyone has a good school year!

~Alesha Dodd

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