Leven Desk Organizer

By Tab Olsen

This is such a simple product, but I love it so much that I couldn’t wait to review it! After searching for desktop letter trays and in/out boxes but not finding any that I really liked, I happened across the Leven Desk Organizer on Amazon. Instead of horizontal trays, the Leven Desk Organizer has three vertical compartments, which actually work a lot better for sorting and organizing your files, mail, notebooks, etc.

The Leven Desk Organizer is available in a BASIC version, which is really just a magazine file with three slots, as well as a PRO version. I bought three of the PRO versions, which come with extra storage compartments for holding cellphone, keys, pens, sticky notes, odds and ends. The only drawback is that the front storage unit covers up the label areas, but if you don’t need labels it doesn’t matter.

Here is what I love about the Leven Desk Organizer:

  • DIMENSIONS – Perfectly sized at 10″w x 10″d x 11″h without storage case; 10″w x 12″d x 11″h with storage case; each of the 3 file compartments is 3″ wide.
  • LARGE CAPACITY – Plenty of space for file folders, documents, workbooks, notebooks, binders (just not the oversized ones), mail, paper, etc.
  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE STORAGE – Quick convenient access to letters/papers/files; much easier to find stuff when it’s upright and not piled on top of each other.
  • EXTRA STORAGE CASE – The PRO version comes with an added storage case of four compartments for organizing your desk odds and ends. The storage case attaches securely to the front, but it is detachable and can be used separately if you want. The storage case is all one piece, no assembly needed for that.
  • PRETTY BLUE COLOR – Nice-looking organizer is not too dark, not too light, not too bright; just the right shade of clean, clear blue. My favorite color!
  • MINIMALIST DESIGN – Multipurpose space saver helps minimize clutter (so you can see your desktop again!) and doubles as a utilitarian decorative accessory.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STURDY – Made of environmentally friendly, heavy duty High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS). HIPS engineering plastics are lightweight but sturdy and able to hold a lot without bending, bulging, buckling, or breaking.
  • GOOD QUALITY – Instead of cheap, flexible plastic, this desk organizer is made of hard plastic with smooth corners and no sharp edges.
  • EASY ASSEMBLY – No tools are required and this product comes with the best assembly guide I’ve ever seen! The detailed full-color instruction manual even motivates you, saying “Let’s do it!” at the top of the page. It takes only a few minutes to securely snap the pieces together, and it’s so easy even a kid can do it – especially if they like LEGOs or puzzles!
  • GREAT FOR HOMESCHOOLERS – Cheap enough for each student to have their own Leven Desk Organizer. They will have fun putting it together using the easy step-by-step instructions (shown below).

The Leven Desk Organizer has a multitude of uses for home, office, and school:

  • CLASSROOM – workbooks, papers, pencils, pens, glue sticks
  • KIDS’ ROOM – coloring books, Scholastic picture books
  • MEDIA ROOM – TV Guide, magazines, remote control
  • GAME ROOM – D&D maps, manuals, dice, figurines
  • CRAFT ROOM – colored paper, sewing patterns, stickers, scissors, small brushes
  • BEDROOM – bedside reading, journal, tablet, flashlight, wallet, eyeglasses
  • KITCHEN – cellphone, cookbooks, catalogs, checklists
  • FRONT ENTRY – use as a place to drop mail/keys/loose change
  • GARAGE – Chilton’s manuals, tire gauge, tape measure, bits and pieces
  • OFFICE – cellphone, USBs, manuals, printer paper, stamps, mailing supplies

As mentioned earlier, I bought three of them so each person in the household could organize our stuff. But if you want to get more than one, you will have to order them separately. For some reason the manufacturer limits how many you can buy at once.

The Leven Desk Organizer only comes in blue, which happens to be my favorite color. If you don’t like the color, or if you want to match your existing color scheme, or maybe wish to color-code them with a different color for each person, you could paint them. One Amazon reviewer said, “I did spray paint mine rose gold just because it looked more decorative.”

Struggling to keep your messy desk, countertop, or bookcase neat and tidy? Get this organizer now! NOTE: For a limited time, qualified customers can receive a 50% discount on this item! I didn’t even get that! Go to the product page on Amazon and click on the coupon box that says “Save an extra 50% when you apply this coupon.”

DISCLAIMER: The above product was NOT provided for free or at a discount in exchange for a review. This item was purchased by a homeschooling family at their own expense. Homeschooling Teen is an Amazon affiliate, so we will receive a small commission from purchases made by clicking through the links on this page. Thank you!

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