Letter from the Editor: November 2022

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the November 2022 issue of Homeschooling Teen magazine! Read it online for free. 🙂

What does November mean to you? For me, November means chilly mornings and dark nights that start way too early! It means taking down the shade screens so the sun can shine in and warm up the house in the morning. It means sitting in front of the warm sunny window with a book in the afternoon. It means digging out the fuzzy slippers from under the bed and switching from satin to flannel. And best of all, it means hot cocoa! These are definite signs the seasons have changed!

I wholeheartedly believe each month and season of the year is meant to teach a small lesson that can deeply alter our perspective. As we look toward the end of fall, we are entering a really great time of year. Of course the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are approaching, but what I’m specifically referring to are the 3 F’s – faith, family, and friends – and the 3 G’s – giving, gratitude, and gathering. The combination of these things provides us with a special something that can carry over into the new year, and make such a difference in our lives and world.

What does November mean to you? Leave a comment!

Happy Homeschooling!

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