Letter From the Editor: November 2019

Dear Readers,

Happy November! This month we will be celebrating Thanksgiving! But first, don’t forget Veterans Day, a day of honor, appreciation, and respect for America’s veterans.

With this issue, we’re kicking off a freebie of the month, to give back to our readers who we are so thankful for. Please be aware that future freebies will only be sent to the Homeschooling Teen subscribers on our email list. Don’t worry, it’s free! To sign up, simply follow the instructions in the upper right sidebar at HomeschoolingTeen.com.

In the coming months, the freebies might be ANYTHING:

  • A PDF Guide
  • A Spreadsheet
  • A Discount Code
  • An Ebook
  • A Checklist
  • A Worksheet
  • A Cheat Sheet
  • An Email Course
  • A Template
  • A Live Webinar
  • A Video Tutorial

So what’s the freebie for this month? A Thanksgiving Ebook to honor our Pilgrim forefathers! Learn all about the first Thanksgiving, find out what else was happening at that time, read Thanksgiving poems, get authentic Pilgrim recipes, activity ideas, etc. This ebook contains 48 pages of Thanksgiving resources including:

  • The Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving
  • The Mayflower Compact
  • The First Ever National Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1777
  • Continental Congress Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1782
  • Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1789
  • Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation, 1863
  • The First Thanksgiving (from “Stories of the Pilgrims”)
  • Pilgrim Timeline
  • Pilgrim Trivia
  • Thanksgiving Links
  • Thanksgiving Poems & Prayers
  • Thanksgiving Quotations
  • Thanksgiving Scriptures
  • Thanksgiving Picture Study
  • Thanksgiving Worksheets
  • Thanksgiving Activities
  • and much more!!!

Click Here to Download*

*Downloadable in PDF format, using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

NOTE: We’re giving this one to everybody, but from now on you will have to be a subscriber to get the freebies. So if you haven’t already, sign up for your FREE monthly e-zine subscription – it’s in the upper right sidebar at HomeschoolingTeen.com.

Happy Homeschooling… and wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

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