Letter from the Editor: June 2020

Dear Readers,

Happy June! Congratulations to Grace and all the other graduates out there! While your senior year may not have ended quite like you expected due to all the unforeseen circumstances, a grand adventure still lies ahead – and looking back, this time in history will be just a small part of the big picture. Best of luck in your future endeavors!

I can’t believe it’s been one crazy thing after another these days! Businesses finally start re-opening and we get to start going out after sheltering in place for two months, and then the riots happen. Why are so many people acting so badly, were they cooped up indoors for too long or something?

This past week has been a study in contrasts. On one hand there’s all the unrest across the country, and on the other hand there was the historic SpaceX launch. I mean, look at all those people who came together as a bipartisan team to accomplish something positive – launching American astronauts into space from the US for the first time in almost a decade!

Compare that to the unruly mobs out on the streets – what have they achieved by breaking and defacing things? Why do they think damaging innocent people’s property is going to help their cause at all? They’re even vandalizing black people’s buildings – but isn’t that who they’re supposed to be fighting for? Not to mention spray painting graffiti on the Lincoln Memorial, the monument dedicated to the president who freed the slaves. Most aren’t even real protestors, they’re nothing but looters taking advantage of the situation to steal big screen TVs.

There will always be a few bad actors out there – both black and white – but we’re all one race, the human race. So why can’t we just get along, and build each other up, instead of bringing each other down? And why lump all the good police officers in with the bad? Are there that many anarchists who wish there was no law enforcement at all?

You know, it almost seems as if the media is complicit in stirring up trouble. It’s like they thrive on outrage, controversy, and fear mongering. They sure didn’t waste any time forgetting about the coronavirus and moving on to the next crisis, did they?

I sure hope you all are staying sane, healthy and safe in these unsettled times. May the good Lord grant us wisdom, healing, and peace in our land. Hopefully over the summer everyone will have a chance to shape up, chill out, and blow off some steam. 🙂

Happy Homeschooling!

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