Letter from the Editor: August 2019

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the August 2019 edition of Homeschooling Teen magazine!

I hope you’ve been having a fun summer. It’s hard to believe back-to-school time is just around the corner! Or do you homeschool all year-round?

Whether you’re starting high school, college, or continuing where you left off, you should find something of interest in this month’s issue.

There are articles on topics ranging from home study essentials and homeschooling on a budget, to room design and decorating with colors.

Learn how to save money on textbooks, how to support sustainable companies, how to protect your website from hackers, and how to find your next job.

There are two online elective classes to choose from, as well as a scholarship and an app coding challenge.

Find out why community college is a great option, read a review of The Phantom Tollbooth, and view an infographic on sci-fi weapons.

Breaking news articles cover Big Tech censorship – a shocking must-read! – and commentary on the big announcement from Josh Harris.

We also have a special article heading up this month’s issue: 15 female homeschoolers who are “Forces for Change.” Hopefully it will inspire you, too, to be a force for change.




P.S. Homeschooling Teen is always looking for articles, stories, jokes, poetry, original recipes, reviews, artwork, videos, and anything else interesting! We love to hear about what homeschoolers are doing in their community, on field trips, and day-to-day activities! It could be as simple as “‘What I did over summer vacation.”

We also have openings for reporters and columnists who can write on a regular monthly basis. If you’re interested in journalism or writing in general, we’d love to have you write for us! (HINT: This would make an awesome reference on a college application!)

Be sure to visit HomeschoolingTeen.com, read and comment on some articles, and sign up for the mailing list if you haven’t already. Please feel free to share this with other homeschool friends, families, and groups.

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