Frankie Barnes is a biologist and a teacher, trying to make a difference, by offering free teaching and learning resources. He founded LearnBiology.net, a free A-level biology website for teachers and learners.

Mr. Barnes is an experienced biology lecturer with over 15 years of teaching experience. He has taught at Wigan & Leigh College, Cheadle & Marple College, and Preston’s College. Barnes graduated from Lancaster University and lives in Wigan, United Kingdom.

His education in the Biological Sciences focused on Biology, Ecology and Evolution; Microbiology, Genetics and Cell Biology; Biotechnology, Medical Microbiology and Bacteriology including Infectious Diseases.

He has taught GCSE Biology, A Level biology, BTEC Medical and Forensic Sciences, Ascentis Access to Science courses, City and Guilds Biological Sciences for Pharmacy Technicians, University Foundation Entry Courses, Foundation Degree in Forensic Science, and HND in Applied Biology.

In addition to teaching, Barnes’ interest in Educational Technology and Instructional Design led him to pursue further studies in Flipping the Classroom and the Gamification of Learning. He obtained certifications in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, and Edge Animate, among others. He also developed his LearnBiology.net website and You Tube channel.


For anyone learning biology, LearnBiology.net contains videos, worksheets (both interactive and printable), past exam papers, and detailed notes. Mr. Barnes actually writes, draws, and colors the notes by hand, so they are best viewed on a larger screen. Since the topics covered are standard A-level (Level 3 Biology), the revision videos with accompanying worksheets and dedicated exam practice are suitable for all A-level courses. By actively engaging in each lesson, you will truly master your A-level biology! In fact, you’ll benefit from these illustrated notes if you’re doing just about any biology course. Check it out!


Mr. Barnes’ Free Biology Education Channel on YouTube offers A-level biology lessons and revision notes / tutorials. All biology revision lessons begin with the learning outcome being stated. Check the description for each lesson to skip to relevant points within the lesson. For you to really succeed in learning A-level biology, it’s super important that you fully engage in each of the lessons, watching them as many times as possible. The videos are short and quick for that reason. Also, they are lively and fast-paced so you won’t get bored and fall asleep. Instead, you will be forced to stay alert and actively listen. Whether you’re a teacher, biology student, or watching just out of general interest, be sure to subscribe. Enjoy!

“I’m here to ensure you not only pass your chosen biology course, but also (provided you put in some hard work too) help you achieve the highest grade possible!” ~F.B.

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  1. I always thought biology was boring. But these videos really keep my interest. You gotta love the English accent! And it doesn’t hurt that he’s kinda cute!

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