Landing Your Dream Summer Internship Just Became Easy With 7 Best Tips

By Eilidh Edgar

While summer vacations for many students mean parties, trips abroad and sleeping all day long, only a few of them realize that the precious vacation time can be utilized for increasing their future job prospects. The advantages of a summer internship include:

  • You can work for longer hours and add these hours as experience to your resume
  • With no college, you can focus on work and learn better
  • Maximize your chances of getting a full-time job in the firm after you are done with college

College students, especially those who apply for the first time, often find it difficult to get hired as an intern in their dream field or organization. However, the chances of finding just the right internship program for you can be maximized if you follow these tips:

  1. Identify Your Interests

The first and most basic thing to do before jumping into an internship program is to identify your ambitions and interests. If you are interested in medicine and get yourself an accounting summer job, it will not only waste your time but also be of no use for your resume. Before you apply for any job, make sure that you are applying for the field you are interested in so that you can earn something valuable for your CV during summers.

  1. Find A Mentor

For students, it often becomes difficult to identify goals and find the right job on their own. What you need more than a job is somebody who can guide you correctly. Be it your professor, your old teacher or your college’s counsellor; look around for people who can help you.

  1. Career Fairs And Online Resources

Nobody will know that you are searching for an internship if you keep it to yourself only. Contact your college’s career advisory team and inquire if they can help with internship placements. Also, visit career fairs to drop in your CV for companies that you are interested in. Besides career fairs, there are various online resources that you can also use to find yourself a job. Search for the internship specialized websites, and register yourself online to maximize your employment chances.

  1. Start Your Search Early

Be an early bird. As summer vacations start approaching, all the interested students begin job search and competition increases. It is a wise idea to start searching for an internship way before summer vacations begin so that when the time finally comes, you already have a job that you can join right away without much competition.

  1. Focus On Networking

Talk about your interest in summer internship with your friends, family, teachers and everybody else that you know. Even if somebody is not able to hire you for their firm, they can help you get hired by somebody they know or at least make a recommendation letter for you.

  1. Practice Your Interview

No matter how interesting your achievements in the resume look, if you fail to impress the recruiters during interview, your chances of getting hired for internship reduce automatically. Being a student it is difficult to completely ace the interview but you can always help yourself improve by practicing. Ask a friend to help you practice by asking interview questions. Also, ask him to review your performance with a feedback so that you can alter your answers.

  1. Follow Up

Make it a habit to send a thank you mail to the employers after each and every interview. Communicate how grateful you are for their time and also make sure to tell them that you are looking forward to working for their company. This way you can make a good impression on recruiters and make them consider your application.

Summer internships are ideal because you don’t need to juggle between college, job, homework and office presentations. You can perform your best by fully concentrating on your job during summers and gain invaluable experience. Besides learning and experience, summer internships also help you add skills and achievements to a resume.

Author Bio: Eilidh Edgar is an academician and professional academic writer working for coursework geek uk. Besides providing coursework help to students, she provides career counselling to students to make it easier for them to get a job.


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