Kristin Boos: Art Major & Student Athlete

Homeschool graduate Kristin Boos is currently a junior at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois, where she plays on the women’s soccer team. Her ultimate goal is to play professional soccer—earning a living playing and coaching the sport that she loves.

Kristin was born on December 30, 2001. A Michigan native, she has three brothers (Brandon, Ryan and Nathan) and two sisters (Lauren and Erin). The family lives in Sterling Heights, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit.

The Boos siblings all grew up playing soccer under the watchful eye of their soccer coach father, Tony. He had developed a passion for the world’s most popular sport during his childhood in the Philippines.

Kristin’s mother Jennifer said, “My husband is a soccer fanatic. He taught our kids to kick a ball as they were learning to walk.” Kristin Boos has played soccer since she was two years old!

After participating in homeschool and club teams, two of Kristin’s brothers went on to play NAIA soccer for a small college.

“God has blessed them all, and they’re all good players,” Jennifer Boos noted. But, she added, Kristin is especially skilled. “We’re super proud of her.”

Homeschooling and Soccer

The Boos’ homeschooling philosophy focused on self-directed learning, and Kristen had never set foot in a formal classroom. “The first test I ever took,” Kristin said, “was the ACT.” Likewise, Kristin had never been part of a team representing a traditional school.

Boos mastered her game while playing for two different teams: Summit Soccer Club, a competitive high school athletic program for homeschooled athletes; and the United Football Club, which played against other club teams and traveled to numerous tournaments.

United FC-Michigan coach Jake Zammit coached Kristin since she was 10. He called her a special player. “She’s capable of beating her opponent in so many different ways,” said Zammit. “She is extremely skilled and creative on the ball, but it is her vision and the way she reads the game that truly sets her apart.”

Kristin said that she didn’t realize the level to which she could aspire until she tried out for the US Youth Soccer’s Olympic Development Program in high school.

“I was able to compare myself to high-level players,” she recalled. Her skills drew notice as she piled up goals. “I got confident and started to get recruited.” Kristin was even invited to train with the Tottenham Hotspurs ladies’ team, one of the English Football Association Women’s Super League professional teams.

When it came time to pitch her skills to colleges, the fact that Boos was homeschooled and had no connection to a traditional school made it a bit more challenging. Kristin’s mother became her marketing manager, compiling a video reel of Kristin’s highlights on the field, reaching out to recruiters via email and phone, and networking with coaches.

College Soccer

Kristin Boos knew that she wanted to play NCAA Division I soccer, but she didn’t have a particular college in mind. She just said, “I want to play D-I soccer. It doesn’t matter where.”

Once Kristin had narrowed down her options and accepted a scholarship to play for DePaul, the deciding factors were its location in Chicago—a big city—and the fact that the coaching staff were all women.

“The intimate culture and our staff have been amazing,” Kristin said. “The girls were totally welcoming and that’s what really helped me make my decision to come here.”

Boos likewise made an impression on the team as a whole.

Erin Chastain, DePaul University Women’s Soccer Head Coach, praised Kristin’s character. “I think it’s rare that you see a freshman come into a program and really see them have some leadership,” Chastain stated. “She has a nice presence… She’s always the first to be excited for someone else and her energy is contagious.”

Prior to arriving at DePaul, Kristin was dealing with a long-time injury. This taught her a great deal of perseverance and resilience. “It’s something that you have to get over mentally,” Boos said. “Physically, it happens and you have to deal with it.”

With Kristin’s unique skillset, the injury didn’t seem to have any effect on her game. In fact, rarely does a new player make a smooth transition into a starting lineup, and even more rarely does a new player become an integral part of a team’s offense.

“She’s coming off a very long-term injury where she was out for an extended period,” said Coach Chastain. “To see her still playing at this level and causing problems for teams is awesome.”

Besides scoring goals and leading her team in shots, Boos’ offensive production goes far beyond the score. Her versatility, pace, and game sense have elevated the women’s soccer team to a new level.

“She is unbelievable,” Chastain said. “As a young woman and as a soccer player. She has a wonderful soccer IQ – her work rate is incredible.”

Kristin’s experience at DePaul has been clearly positive.

“I’ve had the time of my life so far,” Boos admitted. “This team, this environment, and the culture have been amazing. I love every single minute I can be out here.”

For the past two years, Kristin has been named to the All-Academic Team for maintaining a grade-point average of at least 3.5. She has also earned several other honors throughout her soccer career so far, as listed here:

  • 2020-21 BIG EAST All-Academic Team
  • 2019-20 BIG EAST All-Academic Team
  • 2019 All-BIG EAST Second Team
  • 2019 BIG EAST All-Freshman Team
  • 2019 United Soccer Coaches All-East Region Third Team
  • 2019 MSYSA Adalin Farnum ODP Scholarship

The All-BIG EAST Teams and major awards are selected by a vote of the league’s head coaches who are not allowed to vote for their own players.

The Art of Making a Mark

Kristin Boos has made her mark both on and off the field. An extroverted person to begin with, Kristin explained that the self-confidence she gained through homeschooling and soccer has enabled her to talk confidently about her Christian faith and beliefs with teammates and classmates.

Kristin’s interest in people and sports is reflected in her volunteer work leading summer camps for underserved children and helping sex trafficked women in the city of Detroit. She also traveled to Brazil twice, in 2015 and 2019, where she led sports activities for kids and participated in handing out food to families in poverty.

Boos expects to graduate in the Spring of 2023 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine/Studio Art. Kristin enjoys drawing, painting, and working closely with faculty who are practicing artists in dedicated art studios on campus. She says, “I have a passion for creating art. I love to use different mediums to convey deeper meanings” as well as “generating new ideas that have value.”

But she admits, “I value soccer way more.”


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