Knock Before you SMASH! Privacy Concern Windows 10

Windows 10 PrivacyBy Nick Maker

With the new Windows 10 that came out and privacy being important to our daily lives, is it something we should take as a grain of salt?

Well, first of all to know Cortana is a droid that monetizes everything you type; not exactly, yet it does have the settings of recording what you type. But remember that if Microsoft would do that we would sue Microsoft big time; if not we have the privacy settings to off. I’m no conspiracy theorist but with the advancement in technology we have to take into consideration the power of privacy. Of which either we should let them see or not, mostly not.

It feels like in a version of the game WatchDogs where the Ctos is monitoring everything in your home. Or to put it simply, “Big Brother is always watching you” is another huge example of privacy. Why would Microsoft want our information? They say to improve Win 10 but it’s still a concern of why they want to know how we type, because if they want us to improve our writing better they should have just hired Alpha testers in their company to write an essay or something.

We don’t know the real reason for Microsoft “open” privacy but let’s hope they don’t abuse their power for their own nefarious ways. The only thing I will approve of these kinds of acts is if they catch more syndicate crime bosses.

As a final note, Win 7 is not going to be serviceable in 2020 and Win 8 in 2023, it’s bad but true. That’s the only thing they want to get you to buy the new product. Dirty trick I should say!

If you’re still concerned about privacy here are two excellent links for how to guard your privacy:

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