Jonathan Brush: Former Homeschooler, Now a Homeschool Dad

Jonathan BrushIn honor of Father’s Day, for this edition of Homeschooling Teen we’re featuring a homeschool dad who was once homeschooled himself!

JONATHAN BRUSH is the President and CEO of Unbound, a homeschool-friendly alternative to college. He is a homeschool graduate and a homeschool dad of six. Jonathan and his family make their home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Jonathan attended Bridgewater, a private liberal arts college, from 1995-1999. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy and Religion. From 2001-2010 he worked as Director of Admissions and Marketing for Bridgewater College. Since then he has spent over ten years working with students in non-traditional higher education.

Let’s face it: traditional higher education is not necessarily the best option for Christian homeschool students. Unbound’s project-based education program, Ascend, is ideal for high school graduates who are fed up with the current college system. Unbound’s programs and courses equip young adults for success in the real world by providing the tools, community, and experiences that enable an extraordinary life of purpose, with a dedicated focus on the development of exceptional young Christian leaders.

Unbound is made up of a whole community of students who say “no” to debt and “yes” to a better way to do college. Unbound helps students graduate college debt free while gaining the experience, training, credentials, and network necessary to realize their personal and professional goals. Students receive expert guidance, comprehensive debt-free college plans, and affordable credit-earning options.

In addition to serving as CEO of Unbound, Jonathan is one of the course instructors for Navigate – an 8-week online self-paced course – that helps Christian homeschoolers, high school students, and recent graduates launch into life by empowering them to make decisions with confidence. Click here to sign up for the FREE Navigate mini-course. Jonathan Brush speaks on such topics as:

  • How to Figure Out if College is the Right Goal for Your Future
  • Why Practical Skills and Critical Thinking Should be the Goal of Education
  • Are You Willing to be Different?

Equip by Unbound offers practical skills training for high school students that challenges them to take ownership of their education and gain experience through hands-on projects. The 10-month self-paced program starts in August 2023 and runs through May 2024. Learn more and enroll here.

Jonathan Brush loves working with Unbound students, and he is always looking for new ways to connect them to each other. Brush says that “he gets to work with the world’s best team and the most amazing student body in the history of the world (which is just as awesome as it sounds), and field questions about Rule 4 violations (ask an Unbound student to explain).” [He also touches on it in the first Andy Andrews podcast below.]

Jonathan’s educational philosophy is to never set up a “Teach them everything you know. All knowledge flows down from you” scenario. On his LinkedIn page he wrote, “Focus on teaching them your vision and being clear about the desired results. Then get out of the way and watch them follow a natural course of growing into specialists on their own.”

If you’re curious about Unbound, or if you have high school age or young adult kids, check out for more info.

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