Jedin Bianchi: Piano Technician

If you have a piano at home, whether it’s old or new, you should have it tuned regularly. Many piano manufacturers recommend that new pianos be tuned four times during the first year and twice a year thereafter. In the context of piano tuning, the term “in tune” does not simply mean making it sound good to our ears.

The primary reason for piano tuning is to maintain the proper string tension, which is different for every piano. Many factors cause pianos to go out of tune, such as frequent hard playing as well as atmospheric conditions. Pianos are very sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. The biggest fluctuations happen as the seasons change from winter to spring, and then again from summer to fall.

Piano tuning is done by independent piano technicians, piano rebuilders, and hobbyists. Professional training and certification is available from organizations and guilds. The American School of Piano Tuning is listed by the Piano Technicians Guild as a place where people can learn the skills of piano tuning and repair through a home study course. If you like music and are looking to learn a new trade or skill and work from home, you might want to give piano tuning a try.

Jedin Bianchi

Piano technician Jedin Bianchi was certified by the American School of Piano Tuning in early 2013 while living in Tennessee. Later that year, he moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and started Bianchi Piano. His business focuses on piano tuning, pitch raising, and other piano repairs for homes, churches, and other venues. Jedin says, “It seems I was destined to be a piano tuner, since my last name is pronounced “be-on-key.” Ha!

On his web page, Jedin states:

I was homeschooled from day one. I enjoy hiking, gardening, hot cocoa on a crisp winter day, remodeling homes, woodworking projects, and almost anything Christmas.

My musical journey began when I was twelve. One evening, a good family friend sat on the floor with my sister, me, and a cheap electric keyboard. He taught us how to play the melody of one of our favorite hymns we sang every week at church. After that night, I was determined to conquer the art of playing the piano. When my parents saw I was serious about it, they surprised me with a beautiful upright.

Six months later I acquired my first set of tuning tools. I pursued studies as a piano technician and was certified by the American School of Piano Tuning just before my eighteenth birthday. During that time, I was privileged to work with the former president of the Piano Technicians Guild, Nashville Chapter, to fine-tune my skills.

I enjoy the sound of a well-tuned piano not just as a piano tuner, but also as a pianist. From the deep rumbling of the bass to the lively ring of the treble, I enjoy each note as I play hymns; psalms; and my favorite, Christmas music. Therefore, my desire is to make your piano sound its best for your enjoyment, and for the glory of the Lord.

Jedin also installs player piano systems – but unlike the ones that were popular in the early 20th century, these new systems are controlled using your smartphone via WiFi!

If you live in the Phoenix area and need your piano turned or fixed, call Jedin Bianchi!

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