Infographic: Self Care for the New Year

In a world where personal well-being often takes a back seat to family, school, work, and all of your other activities, consider making self-care your New Year’s resolution. Self-care is not a luxury but a vital investment in one’s overall quality of life. Learning to make informed choices – and embracing self-care habits for nurturing the mind, body, and soul – will ultimately lead to a healthier, more balanced life. Teach yourself ten helpful self-care practices with this infographic!

  1. Be aware of your emotion. The key to having a choice about your emotional behavior is to be aware of the fact that you are becoming emotional.
  2. Understand what you’re feeling. Time spent reflecting on what you’re feeling can help you recognize your emotions, their effect, and future improvements.
  3. Express your feelings. Keeping things bottled up is a bad idea. Sharing your feelings can be hard, but it can also be rewarding for your relationships and well-being. Assert your feelings instead of becoming angry, defensive, or passive-aggressive.
  4. Think before you act. Step back, take a deep breath, and count to ten before you respond. Consider the consequences. Is this the best solution? The key is to be effective and not reactive.
  5. Manage stress. Stress is a part of life. But how you handle stress makes a big difference in how you feel. Without a proper outlet for stress, individuals may turn to destructive behaviors to cope.
  6. Strive for balance. Make time for hobbies and interests, but set limits appropriately and try not to overcommit yourself. Say no to requests that would create excessive stress in your life.
  7. Create a healthy social support system. Seek out a friend or family member who will listen to you and laugh with you. It’s a natural way to calm you and lower your stress.
  8. Take care of your physical health. People who exercise, eat healthy, and get enough sleep tend to feel less anxious and more positive about themselves. When your body feels good, your mind follows.
  9. Connect with others. Spend enough time with those you love. When you connect with people in person, you relax and gain perspective.
  10. Find purpose and meaning. Identify the things you care about, find out where your passions lie, and recognize your strengths and talents. Using your gifts in the service of others can help you live a more fulfilled life.

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