Infographic: 24 Healthy Habits & Hobbies

Being healthy is addictive. But it’s a good kind of addiction. When you get into a habitual lifestyle of keeping healthy and fit, your body will thank you. Think of all the other habits you do without even thinking. There has to be a better way to spend your free time than browsing the internet or watching TV, though, right?

Changing your lifestyle can be the first step on your way to becoming a healthier version of you. After noticing how much better you feel about yourself, your new healthy lifestyle will be something you never want to give up. It will become second nature and there won’t be a single thought about going back to your old daily routine. Give it a try and you’ll be amazed at how big an impact your lifestyle change can have.

Keep in mind, however, it won’t happen overnight. It may take several weeks to develop healthful habits, but a healthy lifestyle is certainly worth investing some time and effort. It isn’t as difficult as it seems. All that’s needed is some dedication and a little bit of patience. Get started easily by introducing a couple of tweaks at a time to your daily routine. Simply by making small incremental changes, you will begin to see gradual improvements. That way you won’t be overwhelmed trying to do too much at once, so you’ll be much less likely to give up.

Jack Milgram created an infographic titled “It’s All About Lifestyle—24 Healthy Habits, Hobbies & Scientific Facts,” which includes tips on how to improve your diet, reduce stress, sleep better, and keep your brain healthy. It also includes scientific facts proving how fitness and exercise can improve your performance in school and in life.

Start changing your life right now! Here is the infographic:
Infographic by Jack Milgram at

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