Ideas to Get Your Kids Outdoors this Summer

By Lewis

If you worry about your children being stuck indoors this summer, you might be frantically trying to plan for them. Summer camp only lasts for so long or perhaps it isn’t even an option. For the parent that is trying to avoid the influence of screens and tablets in favor of old-fashioned outdoors fun, take a look at these ideas. With a little creativity, it is possible to help your kids burn some energy and enjoy summer the way you did as a child.

Build a Treehouse

This might depend if you have the right type of trees in your yard, what type of treehouse your kids would like to build, and your skillset. Do a little research on what kind of treehouse would be best for your type of tree, or consider doing something in a similar vein, such as creating a lean-to or a fort. Any of these can provide hours of fun outside and spark children’s imaginations while teaching teens engineering and construction skills.

Entice Them with Water

One surefire way to get kids out of the house this summer is to have a pool put in. Some folks prefer the above-ground pools, but choosing an inground one is always nice since it can add to the value of your home. Research the cost of an inground pool and see if it works for you. Your house might become a popular hangout spot for your kids and their friends, but this also could be a great way for you to rest and relax on a particularly hot day. If your pool is big enough, you can even help teach your kids swimming skills. Make sure the pool has a safety fence around it and keep your eye on the little ones at all times.

Plan Fun and Affordable Day Trips

If you just want a break from the same old boring routine, a day trip might be in order. Look up interesting places to go that are near you. This could be a zoo, a hiking trail, a lighthouse, a museum, or even a nearby beach. Admission to these places is normally low-cost or even free, depending on where you are going and if you are a resident. Sometimes getting out of the house is all that is necessary, and this can be a useful way to do it, especially if you don’t have plans for a big vacation this summer.

Visit the Library

While visiting the library is normally an indoor activity, it’s a good way to get kids out of the house for a time, ensuring they are doing something other than playing on their tablet or watching TV. Many libraries have reading programs such as 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten or 500 Books Before Middle School. Your library may even have a teen reading program. Book-loving teens might also enjoy reading aloud to younger children. Set up some patio chairs or a hammock to lure the kids outside to read in a shaded spot and escape to a faraway land, even if they don’t end up leaving the yard. Reading will also help keep their minds active and ready for the next school year.

Join a Day Camp or Summer Playgroup

An expensive sleep-away camp might not be an option for your family this summer. Instead, think about sending your kids to a local day camp (where they come back home at the end of the day) or even a playground group if they are younger, giving them the opportunity to meet other kids their age. The costs for these aren’t as much as a traditional camp, and your child can learn new skills depending on what is offered, such as knot-tying, horseback riding, or even archery.

Rather than stressing out about how you can keep your kids busy during summer, think of all the ways you can get them outdoors and do things with them. You might build a treehouse or perhaps have a pool installed so they can practice swimming. Day trips are great for the whole family, allowing you to visit nearby attractions, while the library is a wonderful place to encourage reading skills no matter how old your child is. Be sure to check out summer playgroups and local day camps, and see how you can keep your kids and teens entertained all in your hometown.

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