How to Write a Powerful CV in 2024


In many industries and countries, a CV (short for the Latin curriculum vitae) is a professional document similar to a resume that employers request of job seekers.

I wanted to share this guide on how to write a CV, and the best tips to get you hired, that both first-time job hunters and all job hunters will be interested in.

All information courtesy of the s1jobs Career Hub, creators of this helpful guide!

How to Write a CV – Tips and Advice to Help You Land a Job:

This guide provides essential information on landing a job, covering:

  • How to structure a CV
  • Adding an introductory profile to your CV
  • Mentioning your professional experience
  • Elaborating on your education

Here are a few tips the guide explores:

  • There are 6 key parts of a great CV: contact details, introduction, skills and experience, achievements, education and training, hobbies and interests.
  • However, you should structure your CV according to the stage you are in your career. For example, if you’re a recent graduate, you want to focus on your education. But if you’ve had over five years of experience in work, you can leave your educational experience as a smaller section after your career history.
  • Educational details which should be included in every CV, regardless of experience, are: the name of your educational institution(s), how many years you spent (or will spend) at each, your focus of study area, any academic honors or achievements, and your highest level of qualification to date.
  • Some roles will ask you to include a cover letter. This gives you the chance to build on anything you mentioned in your profile – or even serve as a replacement for information that you didn’t find space for or didn’t feel was relevant enough to add.

If you’re still stumped about where to get started, check out the guide below for more details.

How to Write a CV – Tips and Advice to Help You Land a Job:

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