How to Use Your MBA Degree in 5 Different Creative Ways

business-people-worldBy Lisa Rose

You probably fear the stereotypical jobs that people tend to go for after getting their MBA. But you want something creative. An MBA is also helpful for achieving your creative dreams.

According to the traditional notion, most MBA programs prepare students to become a banker, accountant or financial analyst, but the scene is changing. The graduates of MBA are using their B-school degrees to land in a career as writers, artists, personal trainers, designers and publicists making use of the business knowledge to run efficiently creative enterprises that they have gained in the MBA programs.

There are so many MBA students out there who are successful into their dream job apart from the MBA cliché jobs, and according to the most of them the skills gained from an MBA program have the tools to make the dream a reality. Read more about how you can transform your business degree into a creative enterprise.

As a Fiction Writer…

Use your business knowledge to manage your finance and pursue your dream career as a fiction writer or editor. You will have to maintain a strict budget and invest to supplement your income. You will also learn to apply your MBA in marketing to market your short stories and novels – even one that you hope to become a best-seller. Perhaps the most important purpose your MBA will serve is that it will teach you how to approach art as the business in reality it is. You will learn that in art also you have a product that you will need to sell.

As a Multimedia Artist…

An MBA in Art & Design degree may seek a wide range of employment opportunities. You can work in design, development, advertising and media companies. Depending on your individual career goals, you can work in areas such as the development of concepts, storyboard writing, design or related fields. Professionals with MBA degree in Art & Design can also go on to become a filmmaker, cartoonist, graphic designer, or designer. The exact income depends on the type of work you get.

As a Personal Trainer…

As a personal trainer you will mostly work in a gym or fitness center. You may work with individual clients or in small groups. If you want to take one step further with this career option, as a Personal Trainer Manager, you will be responsible in health, hiring and training new fitness trainers. They are also responsible for teaching and assessing the performance of their trainers. In doing so you will provide feedback on the professionalism of your trainers, services, clients, and skills of personal training in the context of this ongoing evaluation. This clearly demonstrates that in general your responsibilities will include sales element and the help of an MBA is undeniable here. Your MBA will provide you with the tools to make good business decisions.

As a Publicist…

As a publicist you will be responsible in developing relationships with influencers, celebrities, journalists, and stylists, as well as you will have to plan events for customers of an international marketing and agencies for public relations. During your MBA program you will learn the skills about finance, strategy, marketing, and branding. You will also find out about major industry trends and up-and-coming markets. The MBA will give you confidence and added proficiencies for a business locale.

As a Fashion Designer…

In order to run a successful company as a fashion designer you can put what you learned from your MBA program into practice. An MBA teach you finance, accounting, marketing and many more business skills; from an international MBA degree you can learn about international business practices – all this you can put into practice and build a strong personal and professional network.

The experience that you will gain as MBA graduates will be engaged in creative endeavors, demonstrating the versatility of a degree in business school. You can continue to embark on a job in a traditional company or to start a creative career. Nevertheless, once you get done with your MBA degree, the sky would not restrict your limits.

Author Bio: Lisa Rose is a management and business academic and consultant in UK. She is also an occasional contributor and author of some recognized management magazines and blogs dedicated to render assignment help for marketing students. Her writings and academic tips are quite popular among students.    

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