How to Stop Being Insecure: A List of Practical Tips

how to stop being insecure

By James

I just wanted to give you a heads-up that IvyPanda recently made an informative article on how to stop being insecure. Here you will find some valuable advice on how to quit doubting yourself and raise your self-esteem. Additionally, you will find a list of positive affirmations that will help you feel more confident and composed.

The Source of Insecurities

Insecurity and self-doubt begin to manifest in our lives from an early age. They can appear in childhood as a lack of confidence in our actions or uncertainty about our accomplishments. To get rid of them, you should figure out their source.

Generally, insecurities come from: estranged family relationships, social anxiety, perfectionism, and recent failures. Once you have succeeded in determining the source of your self-doubt, it will be much easier for you to manage it. For example…

If you’re insecure due to estranged relationships with your parents, purposefully approach your family members to spend quality time together and talk through the things that concern you. You might find out that being open and honest can help you overcome them.

If you’re insecure due to social anxiety, force yourself to get out more so you can become used to being around people. Avoiding social situations will only worsen your anxiety and make it even harder to leave the house! In social situations, focus on what other people are doing, saying, or feeling instead of concentrating on yourself and your feelings. Try to find similarities or a common point of interest between you and others.

If you’re insecure due to perfectionism, remind yourself that perfection isn’t always obtainable. The thing that matters most is the effort that you have invested in a project. Sometimes, “good enough” is an acceptable result. It is also very likely that no one pays as much attention to the little details as you!

If you’re insecure due to recent failures, take a step back and realize that it is a natural part of life. A single failure – or even a string of failures – does not make you a failure as a person. Also, don’t forget about your past achievements!

Practicing Self-Compassion

If you want to become confident, you first should become compassionate. Not to people around you but to yourself! The goal here is to become your own best friend and biggest supporter. It will definitely help you gain self-worth and understand how to forgive yourself for your mistakes.

Positive thinking is a powerful tool when it comes to building your self-esteem. Yet, it can be quite tough to practice, especially for people with numerous insecurities. That’s why we recommend that you try affirmations first. When we believe in something wholeheartedly, it is more likely to come true. This may sound like fairytale magic, but it is entirely factual. Positive affirmations are short sentences or phrases that you repeat in your mind to build up new pathways in your brain for confident thoughts. These can effectively break the old negative thinking patterns.

Need additional help? The team at IvyPanda collected even more tips, from how to re-frame negative thoughts and embrace the cringe, to filtering out toxic people and improving your daily routine. They also list recommended self-help books and let you know the signs of when it’s time to seek out a therapist.

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