How to Protect Your Website from Hackers

By SanBrains

Beware of the pitfalls of cyber theft! Website domain is a part of brand identity and no entrepreneur can afford to lose it. Daily, several website domains are hacked by hackers. Do you know what tactics should be followed to protect your website? If not, let us discuss how to avoid domain theft.

Keep domain registration records accurate

If any of your credentials regarding registration are changed such as address, phone number or email address, ensure that you have informed your registrar so that he/she will be able to contact you as soon as possible in case of any suspicious activity regarding your website domain.

Be wise while choosing a registrar

Do not just buy domain authority from some random registrar. Find a trustworthy person who is ready to provide 24*7 technical services and facilities regarding website irrespective of your website. Click on the link to learn about Google’s major algorithms and updates.

Keep the website domain registrant information private

Never share the domain registrant information and credentials with any member in your office. Sometimes, you may need to share the website domain information with the webmaster or the developers, but change the account details once they leave the office.

Lock up domain

Keep your website domain account information under registrar lock. By doing so, the hackers won’t be able to crack the credentials of your account.

Do no open domain account directly from the email

There are hackers who may send you a link regarding the website, such as discounts and other promos. Do not get trapped in such types of things. Rather than clicking on the link directly, it is better to type the registrar’s name in the search box and then click on the email link. 

Segregate domain from the hosting account

Use separate providers for domain hosting and domain registration. Never make this terrible mistake of choosing the same company for registering and hosting the website. This is because it makes the task of the hackers easier.

Change the passwords periodically

For any account details, we must keep changing the passwords regularly. Doing so may protect us from being hacked. Just like we alter the passwords of our accounts in various social media sites, but the website is a bigger responsibility. Therefore, always change your passwords at regular intervals.

Enable privacy

Enable privacy for your website domain. Otherwise, website domain hackers may easily use the contact details given there and use it for sending phishing emails.

Losing a website domain is not a small thing, it can make your business go down. So be wise while choosing any partner for your website and never share the credentials with any person.

If you have ever lost a website domain, you can easily understand how it impacts the whole business. And if you have never faced this situation, then follow the strategies given above to protect your website.

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