How to Organize Your Writing Desk

If you are a student, a writer, or a home office person, you know that your work environment has a huge impact on how productive you are. A chaotic working environment can hinder your productivity, but getting rid of clutter will help.

A cluttered space actually reduces one’s ability to focus. By organizing your desk and getting rid of unnecessary stuff, you will increase your productivity by at least 15-20%. Drawer organization is no less important. Use the closest drawers for keeping the most frequently used items, and store all the rest elsewhere.

There are other things you can do to increase your productivity. Make sure you have plenty of natural lighting. Paint your work area a restful color like blue or green. Hang a motivational poster on the wall. Invest in an ergonomic chair. Take a break every 20 minutes to stand up, move around, and rest your eyes. Many people also report having more stable energy and better productivity when they drink green tea.

This infographic contains lots of ideas on how to turn your work area into a pleasant, efficient, and organized place to think, write, and study.


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  1. All of the tips given are so true!

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