How To Get A More Competitive Edge In The Health Industry Starting Now

How To Get A More Competitive Edge In The Health IndustryBy Anita Ginsburg

One of the most rapidly expanding career fields in the United States is the healthcare industry. There are a lot of high paying positions available. Still, not everyone is able to obtain one. If you are wishing to forge a career path in healthcare, there are certain things you can do to gain a competitive edge.

Study Science and Math

Preparing for a career in healthcare should start early. If you are a high school or middle school student, start focusing on performing well in science courses like biology, chemistry, physics and more. Math courses area also important since you’ll certainly use those skills while on the job.

Get the Right Degree

When you finally reach college, you need to make sure to choose the right degree to set you on a lifelong career in health. There are a plethora of different degrees too choose from. One good one you may have not thought of before is seeking a degree in healthcare law. Health law is especially important now after the implementation of new regulations from the federal government.

Get the Right Internship

Education isn’t the only thing that matters in health careers. Practical experience also matters. Try to obtain a quality healthcare internship while in college. There are a number of great national internships available from Mayo Clinic, the World Health Organization and more.

Continue Your Education

Even after you obtain a degree and healthcare position, you should not be completely satisfied. Try to obtain more advanced degrees that will open the door for you in regards to higher positions. Continue studying and visiting seminars to stay knowledgeable about new advancements in healthcare and medicine.


Like in any industry, networking between professionals is very important in regards to obtaining good positions and good business. Remember the professors that taught you, doctors you interned with and others when looking for professional recommendations and places to work. Also remember that doctors commonly recommend specialists to their patients. It’s good business to become part of those networks.

Be a People Person

Overall, the healthcare business is a people business. No matter what position you will have, your job will be centered on improving the lives of others. Make sure you bring a positive attitude with you in regards to getting to know all kinds of people and learning about their lives.

Other industries may eventually disappear. However, healthcare will be here forever. If you want to gain a competitive edge in healthcare, however, make sure you have a passion for helping people in need.

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