Going To College? Here’s How to Ensure Your Hair Game Stays On Point

hair stylesBy Mike

We can all agree that appearances matter. Whether you’ve just enrolled in college or are simply trying to impress someone you like, it’s imperative to look your best. And that involves wearing the right hair style, hence, the need to find a quality barber.

Now, when looking for a new hairstylist, having sufficient information is always the key to a successful search. You need to know where to find a quality barber, their skills, proficiency, reliability, services, and perks offered. That way, it becomes easier to tell whether they’ll be able to meet your hairstyle’s demands. So, below are a few easy tips to help you find your next, best barber.

1. Figure Out What You Want

First, you need to determine which hair style you want. Does it suit your face shape and hair type? What’s its average cost – in terms of styling and upkeep? Is it high or low maintenance? And so on. Luckily, the internet allows you to do most of your research from the comfort of your home/dorm.

For example, a website like WiseBarber.com contains almost everything you need to know about haircutting. That includes popular face shapes and the best hairstyles for each, tips on how to find high-quality grooming tools, the best barbershops in different cities, and more. Simply put, once you figure out what you want it becomes easier to find the best-suited person for the job.

2. Ask for Recommendations

Notably, it helps a lot to know – as much as you can – about barbers in and around your college. And the easiest way to get first-hand information is to ask around for recommendations from existing students.

Here, your goal should be to find out how many barbershops exist near you? What do customers say about their services and affordability? How does each barber deal with complaints and customer feedback? And so on. This makes it easy for you to create a shortlist of quality barbershops around your college.

3. Pay Them a Visit

Sometimes, a physical visit can offer more insight into the quality and proficiency of a barber. And I’m not talking about going for your first haircut; I mean heading to the barbershop to check out its services, amenities, and operations.

When you’re there, converse with the hairstylist – get to know them a little better. Note that getting a good haircut isn’t just about skillful haircutting but also comfortability. And that’s why you should ensure that the barber and barbershop are both cordial and make you feel relaxed.

Now, for those who desire a complicated or unique style, it would be wise to carry a photo during this visit. Show it to the barber just to check whether it’s something they can do. Obviously, the last thing you want is to put so much effort into finding a professional barber only to find that they can’t style your hair as requested.

4. Go for It

At this point, the only thing remaining is to hope for the best and go for your first haircut. The outcome will determine whether you’ve found a good hairstylist or not. If not, then it’s on to the next one.

Anyway, with these tips, you’ve got everything you need to find a professional barber near you. Plus, it brings you one step closer to having a smooth, stress-free transition into college.

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