How Online Learning Can Help Students Get into Medical Colleges

By Abagail Claudia

The medical entry test is required to be taken by students for admission into public sector medical colleges. The University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) and Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) are two standardized tests conducted for admissions into medical colleges around the USA. Comprised of multiple choice questions, these tests are specifically designed to assess the students’ problem solving, critical thinking, and academic knowledge of the natural, behavioral, and social sciences that are a prerequisite for studying medicine.

So, how should you prepare? The increasing trend of social media has made the use of electronics (laptops, cell phones, etc.) so common that now life seems to be incomplete without these items. Why not get the maximum benefit out of this technology? Yeah, this question is mainly the motive behind the emergence of online entry test prep platforms. Instead of using technology for merely recreational activities, medical students should utilise this advancement for their study purposes.

Global accomplishments in online learning

Online learning has long been solidly recognised in the USA, and e-learning initiatives for medical entry test preparation have been appearing for more than a decade in most developing countries. Although these projects are fewer, there have been some revolutionary accomplishments in e-learning. Even Asian countries like Pakistan have initiated platforms to benefit students when it comes to online entry test preparation. Almost all the developing countries are hoping to see much more improvement in online learning in the years to come. Let’s delve into how online learning can help students get into medical colleges.

Learning paves the way to success

Gone are the days of outdated learning methods. Well, entry test preparation through online platforms has been on the rise over the past few years and it’s really not hard to see why. All of us are looking for some new-fangled fashion and here’s where modern technology catches us.

Since technology has affected almost everything, education isn’t the special case in this regard. But one of the most important things is that the aspiring medical students of this age don’t need to even step out of their places to get what they look for. For them, online learning saves everything; be it time or money. Meanwhile, technology has provided them with an excellent learning environment along the way. If you don’t want to leave your favourite pillow, there is nothing to worry about. You can study while sitting on it and do your test prep at any time of the day while saving lots of bucks.

Flexibility of schedule

Yes, that’s something really, really important. It’s not just about sitting in the same chair for hours on end. It’s all about the flexibility everyone wants, to prepare for the entry tests in a better way. No matter what time it is, whether 3’o clock in the afternoon or 8’o clock in the morning, medical students can now prepare for entry tests at whatever time they think best suits them. The open-ended time table offers more benefits than one can shake a stick at. After all, it’s hard to travel around in snowy weather or a sudden downpour to take classes. Be that as it may, what if you don’t need to even step out of your room and everything is available in a few clicks? That’s how online learning saves everything.

Student-centered learning

The big advantage of off-campus learning over the traditional is that it provides medical students with a self-centered learning environment. As a result, they prepare for entrance tests in their own way, which is much more productive than on-campus learning – no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Straight after the intermediate exams, students get a short span of time for the preparation of entry tests. Unfortunately, the outdated traditional mechanism in academies is a misfit for most medical students due to one reason or the other. Some can’t afford the big dues and some are not able to put up with the fast pace of professors. That’s just how it goes.

Learning at a customized pace is always difficult with on-campus study. Here’s the point where online learning throws its hand in the ring. Students can now alter their time table in a way that they are comfortable with. No need to depart from your ordinary activities, friends or family just to prepare for entry tests because online study has got everything to cater to the needs of every student.

Develops discipline and management skills

It’s not only that students prepare for entry tests online in an effective way, but that they develop discipline and management skills at the same time through online study. Well, it’s obvious that a medical student through online learning will manage his preparation himself without any external aid, and monitor his performance keeping in view the required time frame. That would be helpful in developing a sense of responsibility and self-management in students and it would assist them not only during the entrance exams but also in the practical life ahead.

Cost-effective learning

Affording the massive bills asked by the academies is not possible for all medical students. I mean, in a developing country like Pakistan, how you could expect a young student to afford the big dues of entry test preparation? And it doesn’t end there. Academies keep on adding dues in the name of question papers, quizzes, and what students get finally in the end is the long list of payables. That’s something really frustrating. But, hold on. Technology has given us lots of surprises along the way and the case is the same with education.

Students are now able to prepare in a way much better than the traditional way of entry test prep. I mean, just spending a few bucks and learning at whatever pace you want; that’s what we call e-learning these days. No need to get frustrated by watching the long list of payables now. Just prepare online and make your way through the entry test preparation.

Experienced and skilled staff

With experienced and skilled professors waiting to answer your questions all the time, online learning can help students get their problems solved quickly. (I know how it feels when you are eager to throw out some questions and your professor isn’t taking it seriously, it sucks). Whatever subject you are reading, whatever topic you are going through, just find anything that troubles you and throw it to the online professors straight away. That’s how it works.

Self-assessment through e-learning

Online medical entry test preparation enables students to assess their progress instantaneously. Students are not required to wait for the results of practice tests; instead, they can instantly see how they did. As soon as they complete a test or full book exam, students can get the result in a simple click. The result provided by the online learning platform is completely logical, providing answers for the wrong questions and highlighting the weak topics which demand extra focus. Is there anything more helpful than this?

So, to summarize, the best online course designed for medical entry test prep will include: customized study plan, video lessons, topic slides, question bank, practice exams, skill enhancement videos, personalized notes, and excellent support via online discussion forum and personal assistance. Yes, that’s a given!

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