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Last month, we were contacted by Rocio from seeking our answer to a question: “How Much Technology / Internet Should We Use to Teach Our Teenagers?” We’re very excited that Homeschooling Teen’s piece just got published as part of a larger guide on Easy Tips and Advice from the Experts to Handle Homeschooling!

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Teenagers use technology and the internet for a large part of their day, during class time as well as in their spare time. From educational apps and games to podcasts and video tutorials, the possibilities are virtually limitless regarding the ways in which technology can make learning accessible to all. In particular, when teens are enrolled in online courses, you can’t really put a limit on their internet use.

However, technology should not replace real-life pursuits or face-to-face interactions. As parents, it’s important to help teenagers balance their use of technology with physical exercise, hands-on learning, and in-person relationships. Show an interest in what they like to do online, and seek opportunities for them to pursue these interests offline through such activities as book clubs, cosplay, robotics, or martial arts.

Field trips aren’t just for kids; they are a great way for teenagers to blend online and offline learning. For example, watching historical documentaries and studying about colonial times in an American History e-course provides a good foundation of knowledge – but actually taking a field trip to a place like Colonial Williamsburg brings their lessons to life and reinforces what they learned from their internet studies.

While quality over quantity is a common saying, maintaining balance in life is the real key. The prevalence of social media on top of online coursework can lead to overuse of technology at the expense of one’s interpersonal communication and teamwork skills. These important competencies include the ability to carry on a conversation, interact with people of different ages and diverse backgrounds, negotiate with others and resolve conflicts – all of which are necessary for getting along in the workplace and in adult life.

Technology can facilitate and enhance classroom instruction, making it easier for teachers to reach their students in the most effective way. But in order for teenagers to become well-rounded adults, there needs to be a balance between technology use and other ways in which they spend their time. Supplement their online schooling with offline activities that provide real-world experiences and make learning fun.

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  1. This is truly a great article for the technology tips you have shared! It is quite useful for someone like me who has teenage children in home and can aware of this. Thank you very much!

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