How Mathematical Ability Predicts Career Success [Infographic]

Almost every country’s educational system regards mathematics as one of the most important subjects in school. Students, however, often question what’s the point of learning math, especially if they feel like they’re not good at it. The answer is, besides helping develop analytical and problem solving skills, the subject prepares us for math skills needed in the workplace.

Many studies have shown that advanced math skills at a young age can predict whether you are likely to have a successful career in the future. For example, researchers in the early 1970s identified a large sample of U.S. 13-year-olds who were exceptionally talented in math—landing in the top 1% of mathematical reasoning scores on SAT tests. According to a follow-up survey, 40% of them later went on to earn doctorate degrees.

Now, there are people who are brilliant at math but don’t care about applying that knowledge. Mathematicians are humans first and foremost, and they must enjoy what they are doing if they are going to do well. In addition, some math geniuses simply lack the social skills to succeed in life.

Nevertheless, it should be assumed that failing to grasp basic math skills at school may have serious career consequences in the future. That’s why it’s important to learn math from a young age whether or not you are mathematically gifted. Otherwise, your math difficulties can carry through to adulthood and affect your career and overall life course.

The good news is, you’re never too old to learn something new. So if you’ve been slacking off in your math classes or have let your math skills become rusty, it’s not too late. Don’t be embarrassed to re-take a lower level math class, because you will probably understand it better now that you’re more motivated.

You can start by reading Where Do I Put the Decimal Point?: How to Conquer Math Anxiety and Increase Your Facility With Numbers. Or click here for tips on how to overcome math anxiety. Then get some extra help if needed, take a remedial class if necessary, and you can even watch math videos online.

This infographic from Rachna Kapoor at Tutoring Expert proves that mathematical skills can actually predict future success and contains some useful information about how you can help children develop their mathematical ability through a range of fun activities.

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