How Homeschooling Can Benefit Your Teens

By Lewis Robinson

Education is important to each child’s future and helps to determine the path they take in life and the quality of life that they have. While traditional methods of education such as preschool and the standard kindergarten through twelfth grade schools are great and can be beneficial for many, some students may require a different type of setting and will flourish from a non-traditional approach to education such as homeschooling.

Better Quality Education

Homeschooling can lead to greater academic achievement. It can be argued that homeschooling allows for better education in general and is a more effective way of learning than traditional public or even private schools. Homeschooling allows for individualized instruction. The parent, or teacher, has a small number of pupils, sometimes even just one, and are therefore able to spend a lot of one-on-one instruction time with the student. This allows the instructor to be able to more easily recognize any problems or difficulties and spend more time to help the student overcome any challenges. The curriculum can be divided according to strengths and weaknesses so that if there is an area that the student excels, that topic can be covered more quickly to allow for additional instruction or even outside tutoring in the subjects where the student is struggling.

Test Preparation

One way in particular that this individualized approach to a student’s curriculum and study habits can be beneficial, is how test preparation is handled. Tests are an important part of education, whether they are standard tests used to determine a student’s knowledge of the specific subject or a standardized test that can be used to determine future class placements and ability to get into college. SAT test preparation, in particular, can be individualized to allow for focused attention on the areas that need the most work. The freedom of a homeschooling approach means that for test preparation a student is not limited to what is offered to the general student population in the classroom. They can pursue a different means of preparation that better suits them and their learning style.

Individualized Curriculum

One of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is that a student is more involved in their education and chosen curriculum and, therefore, more likely to set and achieve goals that they truly want. Students can work with their parents or adults in charge of homeschooling to discuss their interests and their needs and the curriculum can be adjusted accordingly to help them prepare for their chosen path. Homeschooled students have an advantage in that they get a head start in certain avenues. They may have the opportunity for more hands-on activities or be able to go out and shadow various professions. A greater number of field trips and nontraditional learning materials will help the student remain engaged in the learning experience and stay excited about their education. When the student is eager to learn, they are more likely to put forth their best effort, which will lead to greater achievement and more opportunities for higher education and career paths.

Homeschooling can also be an asset if a student needs any adjustments and individualized or unique instruction. A child may need to be removed from a traditional education setting for any kind of physical, emotional, or behavioral challenge. Homeschooling can be used as a solution to get a teen out of a violent or poor social setting with bullying. Taking into consideration the student’s needs and taking measures to limit and remove stressors like these will lead to greater mental health and a happier, more focused child. This type of schooling can also foster greater independence in teens and reduce negative socialization. Since the teen doesn’t rely so heavily on their peers for everything, they become used to forming their own opinions and forging their own path. While homeschooling is not for everyone, it can be highly beneficial for many students and impact their future in a positive way.

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