Homeschooler’s College Ebook Bundle

Homeschooler’s College Ebook Bundle

By Emily Moore

Hi Homeschooler! If the prospect of college makes your palms sweaty or keeps you up at night, the Homeschooler’s College Ebook Bundle is for you.

This bundle is perfect for families looking to enter the college preparation years with purpose.

It comes with four great ebooks. Each written by homeschool parents and students who have successfully navigated the college journey.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Learn how to effectively combine high school and college with dual credit
  • Get a crash course on cash-flowing college so you can avoid student loans
  • Discover the best way to choose a major
  • Learn what it takes to get into the grad school of your choice (it’s not as hard as you might think)

What’s inside each book:

The Official Homeschooler’s Guide to Dual Credit – Earning dual credit in high school could be one of the most influential educational steps a homeschooled student can take. Dual credit can help a student get ahead on college and on life, all while saving time and money. This book shows you how to do just that.

How to Cash Flow College and Graduate Debt Free – Whether you’re a parent looking to properly equip your student, a working professional trying to move up in your company, or a late teen trying to get through college on your own dime, this book will equip you with the basic knowledge and tools you need to earn your bachelor’s degree entirely debt free.

What Should I Major In? – Deciding on a major can be a daunting task. This book walks you through the important questions regarding picking a major, so your student can be confident in their decision.

Homeschool to Grad School – Does your student want to go to grad school? This book shows you how to leverage a non-traditional education to help them get into the grad school of their choice.

Get the Homeschooler’s College Ebook Bundle here!

Emily Moore
For the Unbound team

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