Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen

This is my book review for Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen.

This book is about Brian, a 13-year old-boy, who goes on a flight to see his dad. The pilot has a heart attack and the plane crashes on a deserted island. Only having his hatchet his mom gave him, he has to learn to survive in the wild…

I really liked this book! A lot of people have read it, and it won a Newbery Honor prize. I like all the survival aspects of it: hunting, making a fire, etc. I also somewhat like Brian as a character. But I think Paulsen could have done better with Brian (the main character).

However, I do not like Gary Paulsen’s writing style – it’s just strange, he repeats a sentence every two pages. But I really like the ending of Hatchet. It reminds me of the movie Castaway! I absolutely loved the beginning. I will not read the other books in the series, because I feel like this should have been a stand-alone book.

I recommend this book for grades 5 to 9th grade. I give this book a 7.6/10. Did you read this book?

I will be back next month with a new review! Thanks for reading.

–Zach’s reviews

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