Hannah Holmes: Award-Winning Scout, Author, Motivational Speaker

Hannah Victoria Holmes was born in 2005. She lives in a suburb of Orlando, Florida, with her family and pet rabbit. Hannah’s dad is news anchor Jamie Holmes of WFTV Channel 9 and author of The Last Disciple apocalyptic thriller series. He and his wife homeschool their three children.

16-year-old Hannah is an author, motivational speaker, content creator, social media influencer, student pilot, scuba diver, 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo, and the first girl to earn ALL the merit badges available in Scouts BSA.

Formerly a Girl Scout, Hannah joined the Boy Scouts as soon as they started admitting girls into their ranks in February 2019. She had previously joined the Cub Scouts, which had let girls join the year before.

Merit badges allow a scout to become knowledgeable in a wide variety of subjects and skills such as Astronomy, Oceanography, Geocaching, Photography, Public Speaking, Cooking, Camping, Robotics, Programming, Citizenship, Stamp Collecting, and over a hundred more.

“To earn the welding merit badge, I had to weld metal,” Hannah said. “In Scuba Diving, I had to earn my certification. I had to learn to sail, play the trumpet and water ski.” She said that her favorite merit badges to earn were Archery, Bird Study, and Moviemaking. Her least favorite? Backpacking, which required hiking 30 miles across 5 days while carrying more than 20 pounds of supplies.

To earn a single merit badge, you may have to spend hours, weeks, or even months on workbooks, classes, and hands-on activities. As a homeschooler and a Lone Scout, Hannah was able to work at an accelerated pace and get more accomplished by combining merit badge projects with her homeschool studies.

Hannah also did a number of activities with her brother Harrison and sister Hailey. “I was so happy to be able to join and participate with my family,” said Hannah. “It was so great to have my two best friends doing merit badges right alongside me.”

“To pursue your goals is one of the greatest things you can do,” Hannah said about being the first girl to earn all 137 merit badges. (So far it’s been done by only two girls in the history of Boy Scouts.) Celebration News reported that Hannah earned each badge during a 10-month period in 2019. She and her family actually traveled around the country so that Hannah could achieve merit badges in things like Snow Sports and Whitewater Rafting, which are not so easy to accomplish in Florida.


Among her many accomplishments, Hannah is CPR-certified through the American Red Cross. She served as a marketing specialist for the non-profit Sunshine Foundation for seriously ill children from May-October 2019. She earned her Eagle Scout rank in November 2020, joining the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts.

Hannah Holmes has experience in public speaking on a wide variety of discussion topics, from finding internal happiness to setting and achieving goals. She has spoken at the Osceola Golden Eagle Event, Orlando Metro Golden Eagle Event (alongside Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer), the Dr. Phillips Rotary Club, and on several news networks such as Good Morning America, ABC News Live, and ABC World News Now.

Hannah finished her first two years of college at age fifteen and has traveled to over 40 states, 20 countries, and 4 continents discovering adventure and insight along the way. Hannah is currently enrolled at Liberty University. She plans to study psychology and political science, get a Ph.D., and ultimately become a U.S. Senator.

Considering all that Hannah has already accomplished, we have no doubt that she will achieve whatever she sets out to do! Oh, and did we mention she’s also an author! Everything that Hannah learned over the course of her journey gave her the drive to focus on helping others and inspired her to write a book. Keep reading to learn more!

DO BIG: A Self-Help Guide to Getting Your Goals and Building Better Habits

Hannah Holmes is on a mission to help people live their best life. In June of 2021, she released a book for fellow teens on how to “achieve incredible things.” Not everyone has the money or ability to travel like she did, but DO BIG shows teens how to be the successful person they were meant to be wherever they are – through practical ways of finding motivation, boosting confidence, and thinking BIG.

Hannah’s message is about more than just finding success, but about uncovering the deeper meaning of how teenagers can have a positive impact on each other. The book is a guide to help today’s youth navigate the pitfalls of modern society, find inspiration when their journey is unpopular with others, and step forward even when the path is full of setbacks.

“Ever since I was a little girl,” Hannah says, “I’ve worked hard and smart to achieve my goals.” Now she wants to help others do the same. Her book tells teens how to set and reach their goals, deal with those who don’t want them to succeed, and find happiness within themselves. It’s a book written by a teen for teens encouraging them to DO BIG!

Do you want to Do BIG and amazing things but aren’t sure how to get there? You’re not alone but you are on the right track…

Learn how to STOP procrastinating and START fulfilling your wildest dreams by achieving all your goals AND living a happier life. In her book, Hannah writes about more than just success, but about finding deeper meaning through your impact on others.

From encouragement to do the impossible to downright hilarious personal stories, she’ll show you practical ways you can become the successful person you were meant to be. Hannah keeps it entertaining, informative, and spirited to make it real for you and your life.

Through learning how to fulfill your goals, you might just finally find yourself, and even change the world in the process. Finally live the life you want and find personal happiness that no one can take away. You’ve got this.

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Hannah Holmes - DO BIG

Hannah’s stories as a writer and speaker, which often take inspiration from her personal life, have received widespread praise and media coverage. For speaking engagements, contact Hannah Holmes on LinkedIn or via her website Hannahvholmes.com. Follow Hannah’s Instagram page @hannahvholmes which has over 7k followers and helps people find a balanced lifestyle through motivational tips, life hacks, Scripture, and mental wellbeing for living a healthy, happy life.

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  1. Woww… that is a lot! I can’t imagine doing all of that in only 17/18 years… Definitely can’t do all that if you’re in public school. There’s no time then

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