Going Green: How to Be a Sustainable Student

The team at IvyPanda recently published an article titled “How to Be Sustainable in College: 18 Green Tips for Students.” It covers interesting information about how to become a sustainable student and the benefits of adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Going green is a win-win for college students – it will not only help the planet, but it can improve your own life as well! Here’s how:

  1. Going green is cheaper
    1. Save money by reducing, reusing, and recycling.
  2. Going green is healthier
    1. Eco-friendly options decrease air pollution, reduce your exposure to toxins, and boost your overall health.
  3. Going green makes you happier
    1. Doesn’t it feel great when you do random acts of kindness? Imagine how nice it would be to help the planet!

18 Tips to Become a Sustainable Student

The IvyPanda team collected 18 tips to help you start your eco-friendly journey. This advice is especially useful for students who are on a budget. There are six sections, so you can choose where you want to start. Everyone is different, so pick the things you feel most comfortable with!


  1. Collect your recyclables
  2. Buy stuff made of recycled materials
  3. Take part in university recycling programs

Reuse & Repurpose

  1. Reuse grocery bags
  2. Avoid plastic bottles – get a washable one
  3. Try reusable coffee filters
  4. Repurpose old towels and t-shirts

Decrease Your Use of Paper

  1. Take notes electronically
  2. Pay your bills online

Save Energy

  1. Do a home energy audit
  2. Check the settings of your devices
  3. Use energy-efficient lightbulbs

Use Second-Hand Things

  1. Buy second-hand clothes
  2. Buy used furniture

Eco-Friendly Transportation

  1. Ride a bike
  2. Try a hybrid vehicle
  3. Walk more
  4. Use public transport

If this outline has piqued your interest in becoming a sustainable student, read the full article at IvyPanda for more detailed information. IvyPanda also created the following infographic to visualize the same tips discussed above.

Infographic created by IvyPanda. Reprinted with permission.

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