Freedom: The History of Western Liberties

Freedom: The History of Western Liberties“When Jesus Christ provides freedom, it will be no sham freedom, no temporary, superficial, pseudo-freedom as that promised by pseudo-liberal politicians. His freedom is the ultimate freedom, as free as a man can possibly be.”

If the Son will set you free, you will be free indeed.

Doesn’t it seem like our freedoms are disappearing in the Western world? Globalism and big government tyranny are on the rise just about everywhere. Some Christians are being fired from their jobs and jailed in America for their faith. Others are fined over $100,000 for refusing to violate their consciences in matters like same-sex weddings.

True freedom is freedom from sin, not the ability to do whatever we want to do. However, it seems most people today want to be slaves of sin, even as they proclaim they want increased freedoms.

In Freedom: The History of Western Liberties, author Kevin Swanson provides a vision of freedom for Christians in the 21st century. He defines the term “freedom” and traces the history of both tyranny and freedom. Then he contrasts the decline of freedoms in the Western World — often in the guise of providing or gaining freedom — with true freedom, which is only possible through Christ.

Included here is the exciting story of the development of Western liberties over 2,000 years. You will read about William Wallace, William the Silent, the Pilgrims, Oliver Cromwell, and Patrick Henry. You will read about the battle for the Magna Carta, the Scottish War for Independence, the Dutch War for Independence, the battle for religious liberties in the 17th century, America’s War for Independence and the Bill of Rights.

In addition to detailing the struggle for freedom across biblical times, church history, world events and American history, Swanson explains how our freedoms are eroding in modern culture and what we can do to reverse this trend. Through biblical, historical, and contemporary cultural examples, he outlines what freedom truly is from a God-fearing Christian perspective.

True freedom is only possible by the blood of Jesus Christ. It is a substantial freedom that gives birth to other substantial freedoms, and millions are blessed when tyrannies are systematically overthrown.

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​”Excellent history of the past true freedom fighters and encouragement for the ones yet to come.” -Hannah

Freedom: The History of Western Liberties is a groundbreaking book on freedom, and an important work in this day of the modern power state, welfare slave mentality, and eroding morality. It is well worth reading on its own, but combined with the teacher’s guide below it can also be used as a history elective!

Now more than ever, the future of liberty depends on reclaiming America’s founding principles. What better topic to study than that of preserving our nation’s heritage in order to keep our freedoms secure.

“Those people who are not governed by GOD will be ruled by tyrants.” ~William Penn

Freedom: The History of Western Liberties Teacher’s Guide

Parents, if you have benefited from freedoms in the Western world, you need to know this heritage and pass it on to your children. How will you engage the struggle for liberty in this generation? Will there be any freedom left for our children and grandchildren, and where will they find it?

This 18-week/one-semester, half credit history course provides students in 10th-12th grade with the opportunity to study the concept of freedom in depth. The curriculum enables students to look at freedom from a biblical context, with special attention devoted to examining exactly what the Bible says about freedom and defenders of freedom. Students will learn about historical Christian freedom fighters and the tyrants they battled.

In addition to the history of freedom, students will spend considerable time studying contemporary threats and challenges to liberty. Students will learn how tyranny can seep into numerous institutions of everyday American life, including government regulations, debt, public schools, healthcare, and more. This course will also equip students with the ability to combat these challenges.

The teacher’s guide has weekly lessons with clear objectives, student worksheets, quizzes and exams all based on readings from the textbook. The Teacher’s Guide is a vital resource for grading all assignments from the Freedom: The History of Western Liberties course including:

  • Daily sessions of approximately 60 minutes per lesson, five days a week.
  • Instructional insights enhanced with worksheets and additional readings, all from a Christian perspective.
  • Critical thinking and vocabulary building activities that helps students to acquire knowledge and understanding.
  • Includes answer keys for worksheets and exams.


“Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation.” ~Ronald Reagan

About the Author of Freedom: The History of Western Liberties

Kevin Swanson (B.S., M.Div.) is Executive Director of Generations, and Editor for the Christian Curriculum Project. He is a former homeschooler, a homeschooling father, a pastor, a teacher, the author of 15 books, and the host of a daily radio program.

Please note: The above product was NOT provided for free or at a discount in exchange for a review. This item was purchased by a homeschooling family at their own expense.

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